Monstera plant care light

Monstera plant care light

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Monstera plant care light (Monstera deliciosa).  This plant is well suited for indoor decoration, especially for those who are looking for large plants to fill a big space.  Do not plant it outdoors unless your climate region does not have temperatures below 32° degree Fahrenheit.  It can take lots of light or low light.

Indoor Decoration Plant

Also known as the Split Leaf Philodendron and the cheese plant.  It grows fast and is easy to care for plants. It likes medium-to-low indirect light.  Do not place it where there is no light as it will have a hard time growing.  Water about 2-3 times per week less often during winter.   Make sure your containers drain well.  Test your soil for water as it likes to dry out before watering again. The plant is from the Araceae family.

It is a tropical plant, and its native place is in southern Mexico and Panama.  So, it does like to be sprayed with water often.  Use bottled or rainwater for better results. The leaves have split like holes and will get up to 2 ft. wide. Thus, its common name “Split Leaf plant”.

Monstera plant care light

Split Leaf Philodendron

Monstera plant care light
A Split Leaf Philodendron in a nice looking room.


Where to place the Monstera Plant

Indoors where there is ample bright to medium indirect light.  They like lots of room to grow but will shoot up and climb anything nearby.  You can control its growth by keeping it off walls and other furniture items by trimming the leader stems and foliage.

The Dwarf Swiss Cheese Plant

It is also called the swiss cheese plant because the leaves resemble swiss cheese. However, most gardeners know that it’s the dwarf version that is usually called “the swiss cheese plant”.

The Albino Monstera Plant

A fantastic colorful variegated white Monstera. Also called Albo Monstera and It likes lots of indirect light, not direct sunlight.  So, place it where there is a big window or underneath a good-sized skylight.  You can take it outdoors during the spring and summer seasons but make sure it is provided with logs of filtered light and should on stay outdoors for about three or four hours tops.


Monstera plant care light

A good all-purpose 20-20-20 fertilizer will work wonders on these plants.  Fertilize about once per month for satisfactory results, but too much fertilizer is not good.  Make sure your pot drains well and it is best to keep a schedule of when you last fertilize.  It does well in both low and a lot of light.

Problems with the Monstera Plant

Mealybugs, overwatering, and powdery mildew are three of the biggest problems with this large-leaf plant.

  1.  Mealybugs.  Spray with an indoor neem oil solution. You can also use insecticidal soap for an organic solution.  Learn How to use insecticidal soaps. 
  2. Powdery Mildew is a fungus that occurs because of too much water and not enough drainage.  Check for plugged drainage holes in your pot.  Even though this plant-likes humidity too much can also contribute to this type of disease.  Cut back on your watering re-pot to a slightly larger pot and use good loamy potting soil.  Do not water for at least one week.  Spray with a good disease-control fungicide.
  3. Overwatering.  Let the plant dry out completely during the winter seasons.  Water more often during the spring seasons.  Every other day.  Fertilize with a good 20-20-20 analysis fertilizer.
  4. Don’t forget to trim off old yellowing leaves that are drooping down towards the bottom. This will help the plant look better, plus new energy growth towards the top of the plant.

USDA hardiness zone for the outdoors is 10 – 12.

Indoor house plant names.

Learn More about the Monstera Plant here. 


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