Organic Gardening

How to grow organic potatoes

How to grow organic Potatoes

Are you thinking of growing potatoes at home during this lockdown? Thumbs up, go for it! Potatoes can be very easily grown at home with just a bit of guidance.  How to grow organic Potatoes at home. How to grow organic Potatoes at Home? Yes, growing potatoes is quite simple and easy. Although being easy […]

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Colorful Leaves for Indoor Decoration

Colorful Houseplant Leaves – for Indoor Decoration

Colorful Houseplant Leaves – for Indoor Decoration.  There are lots of colorful foliage plants to use indoors.  Here are some that work well no matter where you live. The Croton Plant (Codiaeum variegatum pictum) A plant with exotic thick leaves that show a variety of striped dark green to bright yellow leaves.  It will grow […]

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Dead Nettle in Pot

Dead Nettle Plant – Care and Planting

The Dead Nettle Plant is a great little leaf plant that is perfect for ground-cover or in a decorative pot.  It is a herbaceous perennial and likes acidic soil.  There are about 50 species of this plant but the most common is the white Nancy (Malculatum).  These are usually sold at most retail gardening stores […]

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what is fertilizer

What is fertilizer

What is fertilizer?   Have you ever wondered what are those three numbers on a bag, box, or package of fertilizer mean?  How do you analyze them? What about chemicals versus organic?  Why do we need to fertilize our plants and trees in the first place? I will answer these questions in the best layman’s terms […]

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Secret to killing grubs

The Secret to Killing Grubs

The Secret to Killing Grubs on your lawn.  First, we must know where these ugly-looking worms come from.  They come from the larvae of the Japanese beetle.  They were introduced into the U.S. from of course Japan around 1916 and now almost all lawns have them.  A few here and there are no big problem […]

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Adult woman spraying plants in garden to protect from diseases

How to use insecticidal soaps

How to use insecticidal soaps? Will they work? Well, they do and they don’t!  Most of our customers have tried to use some type of soap and water mixture to kill aphids and other insects.  Many tell me it kinda works, or not at all.  Eventually, most will purchase a nonorganic insecticide to make sure […]

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Plants that are attracted to bees

Plants that attract bees

Plants that attract bees.  Most folks know honey bees are on the endangered species list but are they? They are not on the endangered list.   The yellow-face bee that is native to Hawaii is on the list but the Common honey bee is not. This is what has to say about the Yellow-Face Bee. […]

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Southwest front yard landscape

Southwest front yard landscaping

Southwest front yard landscaping ideas.  The look of your lawn and garden may be the first and possibly the most lasting impression people have of your home and property you can red-design or spruce it up without having to fork out the big bucks. Front yard landscaping ideas Landscaping plays an essential role in enhancing […]

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Indoor Fern Plant Care

Indoor Fern Plant Care

Indoor Fern Plant Care.  Most Ferns are good plants to use as indoor decorations they are for the most part easy care and do not like freezing temperatures.  You can plant them outdoors in tropical regions or places where it never freezes.  They like humidity and consistent watering, fertilizing and occasional misting is a good […]

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Black-Eyed Susan Plant

Black Eyed Susan plant – Backyard landscaping

Black-Eyed Susan plant(Rudbeckia hirta) for backyard landscaping.  Also called yellow daisies and brown Betty plants.  These are great plants for the summer season as they will bloom all summer.  They will normally come back year after year, yes they are considered a perennial. Bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds are attracted to the yellow flower with the […]

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