Pampas grass for landscaping

Pampas Grass for Landscaping

Last updated on August 4th, 2023 at 11:32 am

Pampas Grass for Landscaping (Cortaderia Selloana).  This grass is an ideal plant for a border wall or place it where there is essentially an empty space in your yard.  It is a very hardy perennial plant for the American Southwest.  Many places around the world say it is a large weed, and it is.  But not around the Southwest where rainfall levels are a lot less than in places where there is heavy rainfall.  Not susceptible to insects and or diseases.

Varieties of Pampas Grass

There are many varieties that do well, and some are dwarf varieties. The Ivory feathers species grows to about 5 ft. tall and 6 ft. wide with plumes reaching out to 10 ft. tall.

Pampas grass for landscaping
The Ivory Feathers Pampas Grass at full bloom

It is drought tolerant and can handle the excessive winds around the Southwest.  A perennial grass with handsome, creamy-colored long stalks.  The Ivory Feathers® grass is noted as producing little to no viable seed, therefore, keeping its size at bay.

Pampas grass will bloom during the fall season normally around early October until the first freeze.  The growing season is early spring until late fall.  It is an easy plant to grow that requires little maintenance. It is best to trim down during the winter season.  Once springtime comes around the blades will grow quickly.  These grass blades are sharp and can cut a good size wound on your hands so be careful when handling this plant.  Argentina, Chile, and Brazil are their natural habitat.

Pampas Grass
A Pampas Grass Front Yard landscape

It goes well with other native plants.  Lantanas, Verbena, and other drought-tolerant plants work well with this plant.  Learn more about other types of grasses for the Southwest.

Pink Pampas grass

The pink variety develops an outstanding pink plume color and does well in cooler climates but this one is an invasive species.  Matter of fact it is illegal to grow in some parts of the U.S.  You can see pictures and more information at Pink Pampas Grass.


Its plumes are used in vases and containers for indoor decorations.  Need to know more about how to cut and use these plumes for your indoor vase or container?  Guide to pampas grass.

Pampas Grass Plumes in Vase
Pampas Grass Plumes in Vase. English-style home.

Pampas Grass for Landscaping


USDA Zones 7-11

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