Parry's Agave Plant

Parry’s Agave Plant

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Parry’s Agave Plant also called mescal agave (Agave Parryi or Asparagaceae) is a desert plant that resembles an artichoke and is in the Century plant family.  It’s an amazing plant that will shoot out a tall stalk that resembles asparagus plants. It does this when it is fully mature.  The stalk is will grow up to 30 ft. in height.  The plant itself will grow about 3-4 ft. in height and width making it a good choice for Xeriscape or rock gardens for smaller landscapes.

They can tolerate cold temperatures down to -10° Fahrenheit.

The Century Plant

The stalk will bloom and look beautiful against the blue sky.  It takes forever for it to bloom it may take 30 years or 100 thus its name. However, once it blooms it will fall over and the plant will die.  It is native to New Mexico, Arizona, and Northern Mexico.  They will do great in zones 5-10 and are drought-tolerant plants.  But it is best to water occasionally the first year after initial planting, especially during the first sweltering summer.

Parry's Agave Plant
Image by meineresterampe from Pixabay

Parry’s Agave plant on the right side of the photo below and the Americana Agave on the left both are in the Century plant family.


Parry's Agave Plant
Century Plant on the left and Parry’s Plant on the right.


Where to place this Plant?

Plant it in the full hot sun with too much shade and it will struggle.  There is very little maintenance involved with this plant and occasional cleaning of debris under its fronds is all that is needed. It does produce sharp needle-like thorns and will poke you if you are not careful!

Is it disease and insect-resistant?

Yes, it is…but it will sometimes contact mealybugs on Agave Parry’s.  It’s important to check your plant occasionally during the spring season.  If you see a white cotton-like appearance on its fronds it most likely is mealybugs.  Go organic and try using a strong stream of water to remove them or use neem oil to kill these insects.  Insecticidal soaps work well …” how to use insecticidal soaps “.

Javelina, mice, rabbits, and other rodents will damage these plants.  Especially during long hard drought seasons.  If possible, use chicken wire around agave plants to protect them from these creatures.

Read more about insects and diseases on plants.

Image of desert plants
Desert Plants

Click on the image below for more Desert Names and Pictures

More Desert plant names and pictures. 

There are many types of agaves check for more hybrid agaves.

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