Care of Money Tree Plant

The Money Tree plant (Bombacaceae) Also called the Pachira aquatica.  The care of the money tree plant.  This plant is more of a bonsai type houseplant. It will eventually grow at about 10ft. tall and the trunk is usually braided given it that natural bonsai look. Where and how did this plant get its common […]

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How to care for geraniums

How to care for Geraniums

How to care for Geraniums.  Geraniums are great plants to use in the ground, pots or hanging containers.  They do well in and around the Southwest, however, there are some things to consider before using them in your garden. Geraniums love the full sun during the spring and fall seasons but not the full hot […]

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Difference between bird of paradise plants

Difference Between Bird of Paradise Plants

Recently many folks have been asking our staff and myself what the difference Between Bird of Paradise Plants are?  It gets a little confusing, especially for the novice gardener or landscaper. Red Bird of Paradise Yellow Bird of Paradise Mexican Bird of Paradise Bird of Paradise So…without further ado here are those differences. Red Bird […]

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Plants that are attracted to bees

Plants that attract bees

Plants that attract bees.  Most folks know honey bees are on the endangered species list but are they? They are not on the endangered list.   The yellow-face bee that is native to Hawaii is on the list but the Common honey bee is not. This is what has to say about the Yellow-Face Bee. […]

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How to grow Russian sage

How to grow Russian sage

How to grow Russian sage. The Russian sage bush or plant – (Peroviskia artiplicifolia) Russian Sage Plant How to grow Russian sage Many new gardeners mistake this plant for a Lavender or a Texas sage but it is a sage and its origin comes from Russia.  The plant thrives in and around the Southwest and […]

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Landscaping with Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtles plants love full sun and rich loamy soil, they like humidity and can tolerate the southwestern heat. Providing they get plenty of water when first planted. They do like circulation so be sure to plant them away from other heavy foliage trees or plants. Newly planted Crape Myrtles need lots of water, preferably twice […]

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Butterfly Bush

The Butterfly Bush.  (Buddleia davidii). They like full sun or partial shade and lots of water for the first 2 years or so and is a perennial in the southwest. These beautiful plants have long spiky-like blooms and will grow in almost any soil but will do and look better with good organic compost.  The […]

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Spanish Broom Plant

The Spanish Broom Plant (Spartium junceum) is a great semi-evergreen flowering shrub.  It can grow up to 8-10 ft. tall and about 5-7 ft. wide.  It comes from the southern Mediterranean region of Europe. Where to place this plant? The plant tolerates poor sandy soils perfect for the desert southwest.  A drought-tolerant plant that can […]

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Types of Plants that Attract Butterflies

Types of Plants that Attract Butterflies.  Most outdoor plants will produce some kind of flower, however, some flowers are more attractive to butterflies than others. It’s best to know what the type of plants you want to use in your garden if you want to attract butterflies. But first, here is a list of plants […]

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Baja fairy duster plant

What is the Baja fairy duster plant? It is a plant that is native to southwest California and the northern part of Mexico.  It goes by many names the chuparosa, tabardillo, zapotillo and its botanical name the Calliandra californica.  It will grow about 4 maybe 5 ft. tall and wide. There are not too many […]

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