Plants that bloom all summer

Plants that bloom all summer

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Plants that bloom all summer long throughout the hot Summer months. In the Southwest it can get brutally hot it is not unusual to see temperatures soar into the double digits from June until late August.  Most plants stop growing and blooms are non-existent.  Except, for some, and here in this article is a list of plants that will bloom all summer long.

Red Bird of paradise plants

Caesalpinia pulcherrima. This plant loves the hot sun and the blooms are bright red and orange.  They are considered a desert landscape plant so placing them in a rock garden or in a hot corner is no problem for them.  It goes by many names the Peacock flower, Mexican bird of paradise, and the Pride of Barbados.  After the plant becomes well-established water every other day keeps it blooming all summer long.  There are some things you need to know about the Red Bird of paradise plant.

Plants that bloom all summer
The flower and foliage of the Red Bird of Paradise Plant.


Yellow Bells Plant

A great flowering plant that will bloom its bright yellow trumpet-like bloom from late spring until early fall. Also called the Esperanza plant.  It does best in full sun but can tolerate some shade. Dark green leaves beautiful yellow-like Blooms in spring into mid-summer. Fast-growing in the desert southwest. It can grow up to 5-6 ft. tall and 5 ft. wide.  It will produce seed pods that will need pruning throughout the growing seasons. Learn more about the Yellow Bells Plant.

Plants that bloom all summer
Close up yellow Tecoma stans flower in a nature garden. Also called the Trumpetbush.


Bougainvillea Plants

The Bougainvillea plants are beautiful plants that love the hot southwest sun.  They will bloom from late spring until mid-fall.  Sometimes the stems and foliage will stop growing and look somewhat bare but a little pruning the stems about 4-6 inches back and they generate new growth and new flowers towards the end of the stems.  They come in numerous colors from dark purple to light yellow.  Read more about Bougainvillea plants here.

Image by Shell brown from Pixabay
Plants that bloom all summer
The purple Bougainvillea
Flowers that bloom all summer
Beautiful orange bougainvillea blooming, Bright orange bougainvillea flowers as a floral background, Close-up orange flowers, Sunlight shining on flowers

Check out’s list of Bougainvilleas. Boungainvillea list. 

Plants that bloom all summer

Lantana Plants

Lantanas are heat-loving plants and thrive in desert and rock gardens.  They like lots of water during the first 2-3 after initial planting but become moderate watering plants after it is well established. They will produce lots of flowers from late spring until mid-fall.  Most independent nurseries will carry them and they are many colors and types of Lantanas.  The most common are the Dallas red and Yellow gold types. Learn about Lantana plants.

Plants that flower all summer
Dallas Red Lantana


The Miss Huff Lantana


New Gold Mounding Lantana


Trumpet Vines or Creepers

Trumpet vines will bloom long trumpet-like flowers from late spring until late summer.  They attract all types of birds especially hummingbirds as they like to poke their beaks into the flower looking for nectar.  The most common one is the  Campsis radicans also called the Trumpet Creeper.  More information about Southwest vines for landscaping.

Plants that bloom all summer
Beautiful orange trumpet vine flowers.
Plants that bloom all summer long
Trumpet vine flowers on fence. Campsis radicans (trumpet vine or trumpet creeper, also known in North America as cow itch vine or hummingbird vine)


Ageratum Plants

A beautiful low growing plant that will bloom round-like flowers from mid-spring until mid-fall.  Great low growing flowers that will bloom most of the summer. Use them in the foreground with taller perennials/annuals in the rear.  Learn more about Ageratum Plant here.

Beautiful yellow Coreopsis plants in the background and shorter Ageratum plants in the foreground.
Ageratum will do well in pots.

Vinca Plants

Also, called Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus). They will produce tons of blooms all summer long from about mid-spring until late fall.  There is no deadheading needed.  They seem like delicate flowers at most gardening stores but believe they will thrive and bloom all summer long.  However, you do have to water daily.  These plants come in many colors from bright white to deep dark red.  Learn more about Vinca Plant Care.

Plants that bloom all summer
Vinca for flowering color all summer long
Plants that will bloom all summer long.
Colorful Vinca in a hanging pot.

These plants will flower all summer long some will need more water than others.  Phosphorus is what will make flowers bloom more often.  It’s the middle number on all fertilizer products.  You can also use bone meal as an organic substitute.  It also contains calcium which is an essential ingredient for growing vegetables.

Find out about common insects and diseases on plants.

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