Pothos plant care

Pothos Plant Care Tips

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Pothos Plant Care tips – (Epipremnum aureum or Aureum).  It is a beautiful indoor plant that goes by many names.  Hanging Ivy, Hunter’s robe, Devil’s ivy, and Gold Pothos.   It can tolerate lots of shade and indoor light.  It is native to the Pacific Islands

Additionally, it is well stocked in most garden stores throughout the USA.it i  A member of the Araceae family.  A plant that cleans the air indoors.  The foliage is glossy green and has a heart shape.  Additionally, it is an easy-care hardy plant to use for indoor decoration.

Pothos plant care tips
The pothos plant can grow like ivy plants.

Pothos Plant Care Tips

One issue that this plant has is the curling of its leaves.  This occurs from too much water. From my own experience, it only needs water about two times per week more often if it is facing west or south facing window.  If you are not sure use the “finger method” to check for water.  Place your finger in the soil if it is dry water it, if it is moist skip the watering.

Aphids will also suck on the foliage causing the leaves to curl.  It is best to check your Photos plant for insects at least once per week—Spray Neem oil on the foliage to keep insects at bay.  Neem oil is an organic substitute for harsh insecticides.

What to feed Pothos Plants?

An all-purpose liquid fertilizer works best and there are plenty on the market.  You can also use Grow-More’s 20-20-20 fertilizer.  It comes in powder form but mixes with water for a perfect liquid fertilizer.  Ask for it at your local Nursery.   How often? Once a month works best.

Is the Pothos a Betta Plant?

Yes, it is.  You can remove the soil from the root system and place it in water and it will thrive.  However, you will need to add fish, mainly Goldfish, to help the plant receive food from the Goldfish poop.  Or fertilize it about twice per month to keep it looking healthy and growing.  Ensure you do not submerge the foliage in water, only the root system.

What about propagation? You can also cut one of the stems and place it in water; it will grow and thrive provided you take care of it as noted above.

Pothos Plant Care Tips
Pothos plants in water


The Marble Queen Pothos

Pothos Plant Care Tips
The Marble Leaf Pothos Epipremnum aureum ‘Marble Queen’.

The care of the Pothos is the same as the “Epipremnum aureum”.

Problems with Pothos plants.

Insects are a big problem, particularly mealybugs and aphids.  At the first sign of insects spray with Neem Oil or insecticidal soaps to kill these bugs.

Learn How to Propagate Pothos Plants.

The Pothos plant is hardy,  however, fungus or disease will infect this plant.  Phytophthora and Ethylene are two of the most common.  Learn more by visiting Florida’s ISAF PDF.

Learn more about Insects and Diseases in Plants.

There are over 50 types of Pothos plants. Find out more here.  Wikipedia Pothos. 

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