Purple Verbena Plants

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Purple Verbena Plants are beautiful cascading purple flowers great for Xeriscaping landscape.  This really nice-looking desert plant will do well in rock gardens or places where there is lots of hot sun.  There are numerous types of Verbena plants and the one pictured above is the trailing variety.

How big do Purple Verbena Plants Grow?

It is drought-tolerant and grows about 1 ft. tall and spreads about 2 ft. wide.  We recommend putting them on a drip system to ensure quick growth.  Fertilize about once per month with an all-purpose fertilizer.  An analysis of 20-20-20 will work great.  They will do great in a hanging basket or in a container. There are numerous varieties and red and purple are the most common but they also come in white and dark pink.

How long does the bloom last?

It will bloom from about mid-spring all the way to late fall.  It is a perennial in the lower elevations of the southwest. Do not plant them in shady conditions and will do best if planted in a rock landscape. Trim them back once they go into dormancy usually in late November or early December.  Hummingbirds and butterflies are attracted to Verbena plants.

Are they resistant to bugs and diseases?

They are but always look for pests such as aphids and powdery mildew.   Both of these problems are easy to remove at the early stages of infection.

When is the best time to plant Verbena?

The best time to plant them is in early spring typically around late March or early April. These are easy plants to grow and maintain.

Purple Verbena Plants
Purple Trailing Verbena
Purple Verbena flower with Butterfly
Image by Ingrid Bischler from Pixabay

Purple Verbena Plants
Purple Verbena plants in a Concrete Pot

Other Types of Verbena Plants

  1. Homestead Verbena
  2. Moss Verbena
  3. Homestead Red Verbena
  4. Garden Verbena
  5. Pink Vervain Verbena
  6. Blue Verbena
  7. Coral Verbena
Types of Verbena
Coral Verbena in a nice decorative blue pot
Verbena plants
Trailing Red Verbena in a Terra Cotta Pot
Purple Verbena Plants
A red verbena in a hanging container.


Problems with verbena plants

Verbena plants are hardy and somewhat drought resistant.  As mentioned earlier they will do well in hanging baskets providing you water daily during the mid-summer heat.  A hardy plant that is resistant to insects and diseases.  Read more about insects and diseases on plants.

Many of our verbena plants come from Monrovia.com

Hyssop Flower

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