Pyracantha Plant

Pyracantha Varieties

Pyracantha varieties. The pyracantha plant is it a vine or a shrub?  It’s actually both as you can train it into a large shrub or train it to grow along the side of a fence or wall.  It is a standalone vine or a vine that does not need support.

It will generate a ton of berries mainly during the fall season but will have them all the way to late winter. All varieties will produce nice little white profuse flowers during the spring season.

Over pruning will leave large gaps in the plant.  However, it is recommended to remove dead or dying limbs and or branches for proper growth.

Pyracantha plants are not really a drought tolerant it is recommended to water regularly even after establishment.

Pyracantha Varieties
Pyracantha at Guzman’s Greenhouse

Mohave Pyracantha

Will grow dark green foliage with sharp thorns it grow upright.  Highly valued for its huge masses of bright red-orange berries that create a spectacle of fall color.  The Mohave will fruit earlier than other varieties. Can be used as an excellent evergreen hedge, screen or accent plant.  Can also be planted in a container but its thorns are vicious and will impale almost anyone who tries to handle it.

Pyracantha Varieties
Image by Mabel Amber, still incognito… from Pixabay



A large red berry Pyracantha up against a wall.

Autumn berries on a fan-shaped pyracantha plant

The Victory Pyracantha

A good upright growing pyracantha that displays intense red berry clusters.  And it will hold them late into the season including winter.  An excellent choice for use as a hedge, screen, windbreak, or barrier planting. Small, white, spring flowers produce attractive berries in the fall.


Pyracantha fortuneana ‘Graberi’

A fast-growing upright vine valued for its huge clusters of large red berries.  The berries will last all the way until late winter.  It does great next to a wall or fence. Use it as a barrier hedge or windbreak Evergreen shrub.

Pyracantha Berries
Image by Bishnu Sarangi from Pixabay

Pests and Diseases on Pyracantha

Pyracantha varieties will get diseases mainly pyracantha scab and fireblight.  But these diseases can be treated with an all-purpose fungicide spray.  To avoid diseases make sure the soil drains properly and keep them away from sprinkler overspray.

Fertilize with a good all-purpose fertilizer once in spring, summer and fall for good healthy pyracantha plants.

Insects Problems.  The woolly aphid will attack all pyracantha varieties.  Spray with a systemic insecticide for best results and do this at the initial sight of insects.

Pyracantha Varieties

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