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Raywood Ash Tree

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The Raywood Ash Tree (Fraxinus oxycarpa) does well in the Southwest.  It likes full sun and can tolerate poor soils.   They have dark green foliage that turns an attractive burgundy red in fall. They are resistant to the Ash blight. It will lose its leaves in winter but bounces right back in mid-spring.  They tend to grow straight up during the first 2-5 years after planting.  It is a fast grower and can grow up to 70ft. tall and about 50ft. wide.

Fall color of the Raywood ash

Raywood Ash Tree

It is deer resistant and once established requires little water.  Establishment usually occurs about the third or fourth year in the Southwest.  It is a good shade tree and can withstand drought years.

Fertilize and water often during the first 2-3 years after planting for faster growth.  A good tree and shrub fertilizer with an analysis of 19-8-10 will work well.

The Raywood is a good source of fall color and is a drought Tolerant.  However, it is best to water consistently during the first 3 years after initial planting.  It is a good landscaping street tree and with age, provides lots of shade during the summer months. Plant as a single specimen, in a grove for more widespread shade or for seasonal shading on hotter south and west exposures.

More trees for the southwest right here.  Southwest Trees. 

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