Santolina Plant

Santolina Plant

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Santolina Plant (Santolina chamaecyparissus). There are several types of Santolina and the most common one is the Gray Cotton variety. Also called the cotton lavender plant. A nice small pale yellow button-like flower.  For most gardeners, it is considered a herb but many use it for ornamental purposes.  For something different in your Xeriscape yard try the Santolina Plant.  It is a deer and animal-resistant plant and almost maintenance-free.

Santolina Plant

Type of soil it needs

It loves sandy alkaline soil perfect for the dry arid Southwest.  It is drought tolerant once it becomes established usually after the first year of planting.

It will grow to about 2ft. in height and 3-5ft. in width.  Once it grows to its maximum height it tends to split in the middle and drop down on both sides.  To avoid this problem prune in mid-winter before the plant starts to grow in early spring.

Where to place Santolina

Place them in rock gardens with other drought-tolerant plants.  They like sandy soil and amending your soil with compost or potting soils is not recommended. Be sure to keep it away from sprinkler systems as it will develop fungal diseases if too much water is applied.

Santolina Plant
Yellow blooming Santolina plant next to a flowering Desert Willow

Water requirements

Water thoroughly the first spring, summer seasons.  Then only occasional watering after that.  Trim back during the winter season.  No fertilizer is required for the Santolina Plant just initial watering then trim back during the winter seasons.



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