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Sensitive Plant Care and how to keep it alive.  (mimosa pudica) is also called the humble plant and is in the Pea family. The first time I came across this plant I was amazed by its ability to close its tiny leaves when I touched it.  Wow …I exclaimed! Its leaves can also close if you move the plant around.  It is a novelty-type houseplant.

Sensitive Plant Care

Where to place it

It likes temperatures between 64° and 75° degrees Fahrenheit. Best to place it where there is bright light and some direct sunlight.  Placing it where there is humidity is ideal but don’t forget the light.  Outdoors is fine but should be underneath shady filtered light.  Don’t forget to bring it indoors when late fall arrives as it does not like temperatures below 60° Fahrenheit.

Water and Fertilizer

You should use good potting soil for your sensitive plant.  Keeping it moist but not soggy wet is good and best to feed it with a good 20-20-20 houseplant food.  Liquid fertilizer is even better and should be done about once per month.  Typically water about 2-3 times per week more often during the Southwest mid-summer heat.

Problems with the Sensitive plant

It is somewhat prone to spider mites and mealy bugs.  At the first sign of these insects spray with a good insecticide.  you can also use organic substitutes such as Neem oil or Insecticidal soaps.  Touching too often will stress it out.  Kids love this plant but again. too many touches and it will start to look bad.

Sensitive plant care
The Sensitive Plant Flower

Where is its native habitat? South and Central America you can find out more over at Britannica website. It also produces a nice pink flower.

If the plant leaves start to fall off it is probably in a place where it is too cold or not enough light.  Move it to a warmer area and more light.

Most folks will discard this plant once it starts to look bad however you can cut it back in the fall and care for it accordingly and it will bounce back again normally in early spring.

More houseplant ideas at Indoor House plant names.


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