small greenhouses for backyard

Small Greenhouses for Backyards

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Greenhouse for Backyards.  Greenhouses give us the ability to extend the growing season.  You can grow tomatoes, and numerous vegetables, or propagate plants to make more plants. Early vegetables and ornamental plants can be planted in a greenhouse and then transplanted when they mature.

A greenhouse owner also gains several weeks to the growing and sowing period, especially if a form of heating and cooling is installed.  Many greenhouses come in small to large sizes and most will do well in any medium to large backyards.

Reasons to purchase a Greenhouse

The best thing about having your own greenhouse is that you can control the temperature, light, and moisture. It is one of the things that greenhouse owners can do. It is a way to grow the type of plants that YOU want.

Science classes taught us that many plant varieties enjoy warm, moist temperatures. This means the ability to grow plants that require lots of humidity and warmer climates all year long.

Most Citrus plants do not like below-freezing temperatures.  Growing lemons and limes will do well inside a greenhouse during the winter season.  Take them out after the last frost and you will have citrus fruit year after year.

small greenhouses for backyard
Inside a greenhouse

In addition to extending the growing season and being able to control temperature and moisture inside a greenhouse, a gardener learns to hone his gardening skills by getting acquainted with as many varieties as he can in the greenhouse.  If you can grow stuff, outdoors use those skills to grow them in a greenhouse.

You can select to concentrate on one type of fruit or vegetable or a flowering plant. Most greenhouse owners have built greenhouses for the purpose of growing and or preserving almost any type of plant they choose.

Better and Bigger Plants

Small Greenhouses for backyard
Strawberries growing nicely in a greenhouse

Whatever the purpose is, a greenhouse will help the gardener with quality plants whether it is for ornamental, or edible plants.  Visualize more and or bigger vegetables, and herbs, or produce new kinds of house plants by the simple act of propagation.

Another big reason to purchase a greenhouse is to grow plants from seeds.  So, it is much easier as you can control the temperature and have less concern with insects and diseases. The growing seasons start earlier, and harvesting is much longer. Of course, this depends on what type of Greenhouse you want.

Small greenhouses with no a/c or heater cost much less but are great for the beginner.  The larger greenhouses are more expensive but will last longer thus giving you the opportunity for a bigger crop year after year.  There are utility and maintenance costs that you will have to consider if you opt for the bigger types of greenhouses.

Most people have been to the local Farmers market where there are folks who sell vegetables, herbs, and plants for the local community.  You too can do the same by growing these plants in a greenhouse you can make some good money selling plants at your local Farmers market.

Small Greenhouses for the Backyard

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