String of Hears Plants

String of Heart Plants

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The String of Heart Plants (Ceropegia woodii), also called hearts on a string, is a fast-growing indoor vine that does well during the mid-summer months. So, does it do well the rest of the year? Yes, it does as long as your water, fertilize, and look for problems year-round.

It also goes by many names: Rosary Vine, Chain of Hearts, and Sweetheart Vine.

It is a beautiful vine that droops, and trails over pots, or in a hanging container.  The leaves on this plant are heart-shaped thus its name.  It is a succulent meaning the stems and leaves will retain water.  Always use cactus or succulent soil for repotting.

String of Heart Plants
Hearts on a string planted in a hanging pot.

Where to place this plant?

Place it on a window sill where the stems and leaves can droop down the wall.  Most nurseries will have this plant on a hanging pot so, hang it somewhere in a room where it can get plenty of indirect sunshine.  Direct sun for more than 3 hours or so and the plant will get sunscald.  It is perfect on a top shelf where the leaves can trail over.  It also does well in an office setting where it can get plenty of artificial light.

Water about once per week during the winter season and twice during the late spring and summer months. Ensure your pot drains well as it will develop root rot thus damaging the plant.

It is a good plant for propagation purposes.  Just trim off one of the stems just above the heart-shaped leaf. Place the cutting in water first, and leave it there until you see small fiber roots coming out.  This could be 3 or 4 weeks before it is ready. Then place it in a small plastic pot with good houseplant succulent soil.  Water about twice per week until the cutting takes root.  You can also place the cutting in water first

String of heart plants
The string of heart plants with their long stems and heart-shaped leaves.

Care of String of Heart Plants

Yellowing of leaves – Probably overwatering. let the soil dry out before watering again. Fertilize with a good houseplant fertilizer.  Water about once per week more often in hotter climates or rooms without A/C.

Too much spacing between leaves – Move it to a place where there is more sunlight but no direct sun.

Leaves are wilting – It is not getting enough water… again about once per week.

Mealybugs – It is susceptible to mealybugs a white scaly-looking insect.  From a distance, it looks like cotton a closer look and you can see the scale insects.  Take outside and spray with neem oil or insecticidal soap.

Pest mealybug closeup on the citrus tree.


Most larger Home and Garden Nurseries will have this plant available.  Furthermore, the String of Heart plants are native to Southern Africa.  Read more over at Wisconsin Horticulture. 

Learn more about the String of Hearts at Wikipedia.

More Indoor Houseplant Names here.

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