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Air plant care guide

Air Plants 2024 Care Guide

Air Plants Care Guide (tillandsia).  These plants are small spiky plants that can live without soil. They are considered a novelty type plant great for indoor decor in a pot or just hanging them in the “Air”. How to care for air plants It’s really easy they like to be watered often but watering is […]

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Best Indoor Low Maintenance Plants

Best Air Purifier Plants – Clean the air in your home

Best Air Purifier Plants. Indoor pollution is a big problem in the U.S. there are environmental hazards everywhere from hydrocarbons to polyurethane.  These chemicals are found in homes, offices, automobiles, and in the earth’s atmosphere!  There are also glues, paints, varnishes, and many more harmful toxins; too many for me to list here. Plants to […]

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