Blue Flower

Lily of the Nile Plant

Lily of the Nile Plants

How to care for Lily of the Nile Plants (Agapanthus). Also called the African Daisy. They are beautiful plants that do well where there is lots of humidity and rain.  Long thick grassy-like spikes that look like Monkey grass. 

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Ageratum Plant – Long lasting colorful plant

Ageratum Plant – Also known as whiteweed and floss flower.  It is a big family of plants that have over 60 species.  They are considered annual plants in regions where there are consistent freezes.  It is a good plant to use in containers surrounded by other taller plants. You can also place it in your […]

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Plumbago Plants

Plumbago Plants (In Your Garden)

Plumbago Plants for your garden.  Below is the Royal Cape Plumbago (Plumbagoo auriculatla ‘Monott’) In the Southwest this plant will bloom from early spring all the way to mid-fall.  A very hardy plant with a bright showy blue flower.  This is a perfect plant that can be used for contrasting color to other plants that […]

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