crape myrtles

Red Crape Myrtles

Red Flowering Crape Myrtles

A Crape Myrtle that blooms all summer long.  The Enduring Summer™ Red Crape Myrtle. Red Flowering Crape Myrtles.  The thing about this Crape Myrtle is that it seems to bloom all summer long. And if you trim off the expired blooms it will bloom until mid-fall. Drought resistant plant once it becomes established usually around […]

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Landscaping with Crape Myrtles

Crape Myrtles plants love full sun and rich loamy soil, they like humidity and can tolerate the southwestern heat. Providing they get plenty of water when first planted. They do like circulation so be sure to plant them away from other heavy foliage trees or plants. Newly planted Crape Myrtles need lots of water, preferably twice […]

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