wave petunias

Wave petunias for color

Wave Petunias for Color: plants for summer color

Last Updated on February 28, 2020 Wave Petunias for Color.  One of the best types of petunias that will thrive and bloom from mid-spring until late fall in the desert Southwest are the wave Petunias. What makes these Petunias so special? Well, for one they will spread quickly and bloom throughout the summer months.  You […]

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Colorful petunia plants

Last Updated on September 10, 2019 Colorful petunia plants – Petunias are plants that have a wide range of color.  They are good in garden boxes, hanging baskets, decorative pots or just planted in the ground.  The colors and varieties are amazing. They are considered annuals and do not like freezing temperatures. Petunias come in […]

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