Yaupon Holly Tree

Dwarf Yaupon Bonsai

Care Guide for the Dwarf Yaupon Holly Bonsai Tree!

Here’s a care guide for the Dwarf Yaupon Holly Bonsai tree. So tiny, yet so powerful, there’s no space that a Yaupon Holly Bonsai tree can’t enhance. Did you know that it is often referred to as a “bulletproof plant” as it can handle almost anything, even unwanted visitors in the form of intruders? Check […]

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The Yaupon Holly Tree

The Yaupon Holly Tree (Ilex vomitoria) is an evergreen shrub.  Shinning small leaves that stay green year-round with twiggy branches that are sharp and pointed.  It grows to about 15 ft. tall and wide usually in about full maturity at about 8-10 years.  The Yaupon Holly Tree will produce small white flowers in late spring, […]

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