Texas Red Oak Information

Texas Red Oak Tree Information

Texas Red Oak Tree Information (Quercus buckleyi).

A good looking tree for the southwest and other parts of the west.  I love this tree for its hardiness and overall looks.  Many folks do not realize Red Oak trees will do well here particularly the Texas Red Oak.  It is native to south-central Texas but can be grown in most southwestern cities.

Yes, they do like water and can tolerate the hot desert sun they can also be planted in shady conditions.  It is a bit smaller than the Eastern or Shumard Red Oaks as it will grow about 50ft. tall and 30 ft. wide.  This makes them a great tree for smaller yards or landscape areas.

It is deciduous meaning it will lose its leaves in winter but has a burst of orange, red, and bronze-colored leaves in fall from about mid-October until early winter.

What about maintenance?

They produce acorns that will fall in early spring so there is cleanup during the spring seasons.  Also, foliage cleanup in late fall. Occasional trimming to keep branches from getting too wide.

What about insects and diseases on Texas Red Oaks?

It is a hardwood species tree that makes it difficult for insects or borers to dig into.   But if the conditions are right it may develop Oaktree wilt.  This is a fungal virus (Bretziella fagacearum) that attacks Oak trees in regions where there is lots of rainfall.  Spraying with a tree fungicide will remove this fungus.

Read more on the Oaktree wilt over at Wikipedia. 

Texas Red Oak fall foliage.

Texas Red Oak Tree Information
The Fall Foliage of the Texas Red Oak

Texas Red Oak Information
A nice looking Texas Red Oak in early Autumn.
Texas Red Oak Tree Information
A Texas Red Oak during the summer season.

Information on the Live Oak tree here.

The Shumard Red Oak looks similar but grows much larger see photos and information here.

Texas Red Oak Tree Information

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    • Javier Villarreal
    • August 3, 2020

    I live in Kingsville TX now. I used to live in Victoria TX and had several Texas Red Oaks and they did fine. I loved their colors and leaves. Will this tree do good in this area of Texas (Kingsville) ? I know they require a lot of water.

    1. Reply

      Hello, Javier. The USDA zone for Kingsville Tx. is 9a. And the Texas red oaks will do well there.
      Here is more information. http://hort.ufl.edu/database/documents/pdf/tree_fact_sheets/quetexa.pdf

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