The Care of African Violets

The Care of African Violets

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The care of African Violets for indoor decoration.  (Saintpaulia) Beautiful colorful plant with small fine hairs on its leaves.  They are native to Tanzania, Keyna, and of course Africa.  Most come in a bright purple color and other colors like dark red, pink,  and multi-colored flowers.  Also, many of these plants have mutated or have variegated foliage.

The Care of African Violets

Where to place them

They do not like cold-like temperatures somewhere between 65° and 74° Fahrenheit is good.  They like plenty of in-direct sunlight straight heavy sunlight and the foliage will burn.  It is best to use African They will do much better by using soil and fertilizer made for African Violets. You should use an African Violet pot as these pots are designed specifically for the plant. These products are normally sold at locally independent Nurseries or greenhouses.  It is rare to find them at big box stores.

The Care of African Violets
African Violet with white and blue edge flowers.

It is always best to use African pots.

The care of African violets

Before using these pots it is best to soak the one on the left in water for 24 hours to prime the pot.  Place your plant in the terra-cotta pot.  Fill the pot (right side) with water about halfway.  Then place the plant and pot into the pot on the right side. The water from the terra-cotta pot will slowly seep into the bowl and the root system will take in the water.

Best pots for indoors

What many novice gardeners don’t know is that touching the plant leaves with your fingers is a no-no.  Your hand produces oil and this substance will damage the foliage. Most plants do not mind water on their leaves but not the African Violet.  Watering from the top and the leaves will start to turn spotty.

Insect Control

African Violets are prone to Mites, Mealybugs, and Aphids.  It is always best to use organic insecticides to kill these insects.  Neem oil and Insecticidal Soaps will work if you act quickly and apply them numerous times.

It is best to take them outdoors and apply these organic insecticides.  You can also use Dawn soap and water. Mix it in a gallon container then pour it into your spray bottle. Save the rest for future sprayings.  Do not reuse after 6 months of storage.  It will become less effective after 6 months.

You can learn more about this plant including species, hybrids, etc. over at Wikipedia.

Learn more about How to use insecticidal Soaps on plants.

The Care of African Violets

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