The Carolina Jessamine Vine

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The Carolina Jessamine Vine. Is a showy spectacular display of fragrant, bright yellow flowers.  A well-mannered vine that climbs beautifully on a trellis, arbor, or over fences and walls without smothering surrounding trees and shrubs.

It is not a true Jasmine but still in the Gelsemium sempervirens family.

A showy vine that will add color during the late winter seasons.  It does not mind the cold weather.  It does well throughout the Southwestern U.S. but is considered a subtropical vine.

It can creep and spread across slopes, banks, and cleared areas.  The Carolina Jessamine vine is an informal, mounding ground cover or plant along a fence for support for a great show of flowers during late winter.

This vine is semi-evergreen and will look great during the winter and late winter seasons.  The hot summer seasons in the Southwest will stress this vine.  Extra watering and fertilizer during this period will help it to retain its green foliage.  Not a clinging vine meaning you will have to provide support if you want it to climb a wall.

The Carolina Jessamine Vine

Growth Rate

A fast-growing vine. The more water you give it the faster it will grow.  It can grow up to 20ft tall with support or the same as a ground cover.

Carolina Jessamine Vine Flowers
Great Vine for color during the winter seasons

Water Requirements – Daily during initial planting.  Every other day once established using a good drip system.

USDA growing zone 7-10

This plant is considered toxic to dogs and people.  You can learn more about this vine over at

The Carolina Jessamine Vine

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