The Emu Bush

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The Emu bush is in the Figwort family (Eremophila plant).  It is also called the Valentine bush.  It grows well in the arid desert southwest.  It can tolerate poor soil and does not require much water once established.  This is a good plant for Xeriscaping landscape or as a stand-alone plant.

Place in full sun for some great color during the winter seasons.  It is an evergreen bush and it blooms during the cold season. It is an amazing hardy bush…and requires no fertilizer!

The cold tolerance is about 15° Fahrenheit.

How big does Emu bush get?

It can grow up to 10 ft. in height and about 5-6 ft. in width.  It is a hard plant to find in nursery stores.  When you do come across it purchase it.  It is native to Australia

Here is what Wikipedia says about this plant.

 It is sometimes a low, ground-hugging and sometimes an erect shrub. The leaves are variable in size and shape and there is a range of flower colours. Read More Here.


The Emu Bush
The Emu or Valentine Bush


The Emu Bush
Close up of Emu Bush Flower.
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