The Ficus Plant Family

The Ficus Plant Family

Ficus Plant familyThe Ficus plant Family (Moraceae) is in the ornamental fig family. There are numerous varieties from the lowly creepers to the weeping fig plant.

The Rubber plant above (elastica robusta) is an excellent plant that does well indoors. Easy care plant for indoor decoration.  The Ficus family of plants does not have any blooms and is grown strictly for its waxy leafy foliage.

The rubbery leaves look like rubber thus its name!  You can place it almost anywhere indoors and it will grow if it gets ample water and fertilizer.

They do want regular watering every day during the hot summer months but most folks overwater during the cooler months.

Ficus Plants for Indoor Decoration

varigaeted-ficus-familyThe Variegated Ficus is another easy-to-care-for houseplant.

There are several varieties and one of the most popular is the Ficus Benjamina Variegata. All variegated plants have at least 2 colors in their foliage.

The Ficus Plant Family
The Braided Ficus Benjamania inside a modern home. Image by rob_alltimemedia from Pixabay

The standard ficus Benjamina shown above is another houseplant that grows fast and is an ideal plant for the modern home. The leaves are darker green and they can grow very large.


The Ficus Pumila also called the weeping fig produces a dense green carpet and is used as an indoor/outdoor ground cover. The stems cling to any type of object that holds moisture.

The Ficus Plant Family
Weeping Fig climbing on a wall. Lilyturf plants at the bottom.

The weeping fig is another very popular modern plant. Its leaves are small and grow much more like a small tree. There is also a trailing type that is smaller but is much more difficult to grow. It needs more humidity which makes it ideal for shower rooms or bathrooms.

The Fig Tree

Of course, there is the fruiting Fig tree that produces editable fruit. Fruiting figs in the right conditions can grow up to 200 years.  There are several types of Fit Trees that do well in and around the Southwest. Learn more here. Fruit Fig Trees.

Fruiting Fig Tree

The Ficus diversifolia also called the Mistletoe fig is a slow-growing bush. The leaves have small brown spots.  It is commonly used in bonsai pots.

Be sure to ask your local nursery for these types of plants. It is best to ask for the houseplant manager as he will probably have the best information concerning care and watering.

House Plants photos and descriptions of other types of indoor plants.


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