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The Gazania Plant

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Ah, I love the Gazania Plant, because these plants are great for a full hot sunny area but they can also tolerate shady conditions.  They are moderate watering plants and are considered annuals/perennials in the Southwest.  They do great in rock gardens or the Xeriscape landscape.

Plant them with other low water plants like Verbena, Lantana, and Salvias. Very easy to grow in plant form or start from seeds.

The amazing thing is that each flower will close at night or in darkness but will bloom when sunshine hits the flower.

They are in the daisy family and butterflies will swarm around this plant all summer long. As I mentioned they are considered annual but in the Southwest, during mild winters or in areas where it never freezes they will come back the following year.

Dry hot conditions are no problem for them.  The Gazania Plant comes in white, bronze, orange, and dark red.  They are drought tolerant but will do better with regular watering. Very hardy plants that can tolerate the hot mid-summer heat throughout the Southwest USA region.

Plant them in containers

The Gazania Plant
Gazanias will do well in pots


Put them in a large container for some great-looking potted plants. They will trail over for a great-looking effect. Place them at the front entrance of your home.  Fertilize them with a good all-purpose bedding plant fertilizer.

You can start gazania’s by root cuttings, or seeds, or the best way is to purchase them at your local nursery.  They grow fast and require moderate watering. They will bloom from early spring to late fall.

The best time to plant seeds is in mid to late March around the southwest.  They come in lots of colors white, yellow, orange, and pale red.  They also come in stripe colors commonly called tiger gazanias.

Most will grow to about 4-6 inches tall so placing them in front of taller plants is a good idea.

Gazania's in the garden
Colorful gazania’s in the garden. Canna lily’s in the background.

Types of Gazania Plants

There are many varieties of the Gazania plant. Check out Monrovia’s Gazania page. 

The Gazania Plant
Image by symphori from Pixabay

The Gazania Plant

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