The Mexican Heather Plant

The Mexican Heather Plant – Cuphea hyssopifolia.  Also called false heather.  A small plant that will bloom in mid-summer until fall.  Produces small but profuse flowers even in the Southwest heat.

Where to plant it?

Place in a nice container or plant them in the front of other taller evergreen shrubs.  Plant several in a row along sidewalks or pathways for a great effect.   They are perfect in rock gardens or xeriscape landscape.

How big will they get?

Mexican heather will grow about 2-3 ft. wide and tall.  They are considered a perennial but will go semi-dormant during the winter seasons.

It can take full sun and partial shade.  They will do great underneath a large shade tree providing there is filtered light coming through.  Provide it with lots of water the first 2-3 years after initial planting.  Then cut back to every other day during the summer months.

The Mexican Heather plant is native to Mexico

Sunset growing zones 16-24

The Mexican Heather Plant

The Mexican Heather Plant
Mexican Heather in Pots. Photo Credit Doreen Wynja
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