The Pitcher Plant Care

The Monkey Plant Care

The Monkey Plant Care.  What exactly is this plant?  Well, first of all, it is a carnivorous plant meaning it eats insects and small reptiles. The scientific name is Nepenthes and it has many names the most common is the Pitcher plant because it resembles a pitcher vase or container.

How to Care for the Monkey Plant

So how did this plant get its name?  In its natural habitat, it grows widely, and after a good rainfall, Monkeys will use it to drink water from its natural growth bag thus its name.  The bag is actually a trap that will entice insects and worms to look inside once they look they will fall in and the bag will close.  A nice meal for the carnivorous Monkey plant.

This plant does not produce deep roots but they are wide giving them the ability to get water from the top surface when it does rain.  Now that we know this it is best to use a wide pot instead of a deep one.  This will help with the growth and health of the plant.

The monkey cup plant likes lots of light the more the better.  It is best to place it in front of a south or west-facing window.  Keep the soil moist but make sure your container drains well.  In the Southwest U.S., this means watering daily during the hot summer months.

The Monkey Cup Plant is a plant that thrives in warm humidity and bright light conditions.  The southwest is typically dry and hot not exactly the best conditions but with the right information, you can make them thrive in your home.

It is hard to keep this plant in your home as it requires the right conditions all day long.  Mainly high humidity, bright light, and lots of sunshine, if you can do that your plant will last all year long.

It is a good houseplant to use in your home providing you keep it well watered and feed it insects whenever possible.  Do not place them outdoors during the extreme cold or hot temperatures.

What do pitcher plants eat?

They will eat flies, mosquitoes, moths, caterpillars, worms, and even small lizards.  They like lots of water but the root system will rot if it stays in the water for too long.

Either catch them yourself or purchase them at where pet stores sell insects for plants.  Or purchase them online right here.  Dead Insects. 

The Monkey plant care
Close up fly on pitcher plant or Nepenthes ampullaria or monkey cup.


Do you want more information on this exotic plant?  Visit Wikipedia for more information.

Looking for houseplants that do well in the Southwest?  Indoor Houseplant Names.


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