The rain lily plant

The Rain Lily Plant

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The Rain Lily Plant (Zephyranthes).  Depending on the type of Lily they will bloom white, light pink, dark pink, and orange flowers after heavy rainfall.  It is considered a bulb and can grow almost one ft. tall. The rain lily can tolerate full sun even in the hot American Southwest provided you give it ample water during the summer, this means daily the first two weeks after initial planting.

Easy to grow

The foliage is evergreen but looks a little ruff during the winter season.  A good pruning in early spring and they will grow out nicely.  They are easy to grow and maintain but not drought-tolerant plants.  Watering often in late spring and early summer will ensure lots of blooms. The blades of the lily are thick and resemble grass shoots.  If it weren’t for the small colorful flowers, you would think it is some type of ornamental grass.

Rain Lily Plants do well when you install a drip system for watering needs.  Set the timer for about 20 minutes every other day for better results.  Remember every day after initial planting.

The rain lily plant


What about soil

They like rich loamy soil that drains well. Try using potting soil as this type of soil is rich, loose, and loamy.

If you are lucky enough to find Rain Lily bulbs at your local nursery buy them and plant them asap.  They also come in potted containers for easier planting.  There are numerous hybrids from bright pink to orange in color.  The most common is the white and light pink ones.

It is best to cover with mulch over during the winter season to help protect the root system.

The rain lily plant
Bright pink Rain Lily


Rain lily is in the Amaryllis family read more over at Wikipedia.


Another great lily is the Canna Lily – Canna Lily plant care outdoor landscape.


The Rain Lily Plant

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