The Road Kill cactus

The Road Kill Cactus

The Road Kill Cactus. (Consolea Rubescens).  Flat paddle cactus that resembles something that was flattened by an 18-wheeler on a lonely desert road. But it is a cool-looking cactus that will look good in your indoor cactus collection.  Unlike most desert cacti this one likes more water than others.  It also likes humidity especially if it is in a container.  Make sure the soil dries before watering again typically about every 14 days or so… and water deeply.

The Road Kill Cactus Plant

It is a spineless cactus, if planted outdoors where it does not freeze it will grow up to 15-20 ft. tall. However, most folks use this plant as an indoor plant.  Easy to care for and little maintenance.  Do not use indoor plant fertilizer, and like most succulents and cacti it prefers cactus juice.

The Road Kill Cactus

It likes full sun outdoors and plenty of indoor sunlight indoors.  Be sure to use cactus soil if you will be re-potting in a larger container.

You can find more information about cactus and desert plants at-Southwest Garden Ideas


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