Secret to killing grubs

The Secret to Killing Grubs

The Secret to Killing Grubs on your lawn.  First, we must know where these ugly looking worms come from.  They come from the larvae of the Japanese beetle.  They were introduced into the U.S. from of course Japan around 1916 and now almost all lawns have them.  A few here and there is no big problem but an infestation of them and your lawn will start to look bad.  These larvae will also feed on the roots of other plants like roses, and small type trees.

The Adult Japanese Beetle

The Secret to Killing Grubs
The Japanese Beetle – Popillia japonica. Image by Richard Malo from Pixabay

The adult beetle will is also a pest that will eat the foliage of Oak trees, boxwoods, and roses.  It is best to spray with a good insecticide to kill these flying insects.  If you want to go organic use a Japanese beetle trap available at most nurseries or greenhouses in the U.S.  So, if you kill or trap beetles there will be less chance of an infestation of larvae on your lawn.

The Cycle of the Japanese Beetle

Ok, so the female will lay its eggs in the soil in about June (AKA…June Bug).  The eggs hatch and become grubs.  This is when they feed on the roots of your lawn.  When the weather cools they will go deeper into the dirt lying dormant throughout the winter seasons.  In the Southwest, spring comes around early. March this is when they start feeding again.

When June comes around again the grubs become adult beetle they mate and the female will lay down more eggs, and it starts all over again. June bugs have a 3 life cycle.

How to tell if you have grubs?

If you see skunks, birds especially the thrasher birds tearing up your lawn it’s a good bet your lawn is infested with grubs. You can also tell by observing your lawn if you see round brown spots grubs are probably eating the root system of your lawn.

Where exactly are they?

Typically about 3-4 inches into the soil.  You can tell where they have eaten the grassroots by the dull-grey looking blades appearance and good looking green grass.  See the image below.

The Secret to Killing Grubs
How to Kill Grubs


The Secret to Killing Grubs

What Kills Grubs?

Bayer Advanced Season Long Grub Killer works excellent. Formulated to work all season long from my own experience it’s best to apply it twice per year. Once in early spring and again in mid-fall.

For those of you who are looking for an organic solution try beneficial nematodes.  From what our customers tell us it does work but you must follow instructions to the tee. These nematodes are basically microscopic insects that inject a type of bacteria inside of grub’s body.  The bacteria cause blood poisoning thus killing it.

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