The Strawberry Begonia Plant

The Strawberry Begonia

The Strawberry Begonia or Saxifraga stolonifera, also called the Strawberry Geranium. Is a plant that sends out runners from spring until late fall a lot like the fruiting Strawberry plant… thus its name.

The one thing it does not like is too much sunlight the foliage will burn if it is placed in sunlight for more than 3-4 hrs.  Live in the Southwest US? It is important to keep this plant in the shade during the mid-summer heat.

It is a herbaceous perennial meaning it will die back in colder regions during winter. The root system will survive and usually grow back in the coming years.

It likes temperatures between 50 and 70° Fahrenheit. Anything lower or higher and the plant will get stressed and will die.  The runners it produces will reach 25-30 inches long and the plant itself will grow up to 1.5 inches tall.

The Strawberry Begonia

As mentioned earlier it sends numerous runners that make it a perfect hanging pot plant.  You can easily cut off the runners to make more Strawberry Begonia plants.  Place your newly propagated plants in a warmer spot until they start to regrow.

The Strawberry Begonia
Numerous runners from the Strawberry Begonia are in between rock wall.

Indirect light or artificial light works best for this plant.  It likes consistent watering starting in early spring until late fall. Less water during the Southwest winters.  Occasional misting for humidity purposes work well, however, do not overdo this.   It is a fast-growing plant that will live for about 3-4 years or so indoors.

Tips on caring for your Strawberry Begonia

  1. Water 3-4 times per week during spring, summer, and fall.
  2. Fertilize sparingly with a good all-purpose fertilizer.
  3. Use good loamy potting soil when retransplanting.
  4. Keep away from full sunlight during the summer months.
  5. Make sure your container drains well.
  6. Repot about once or twice per year.

Problems with the Strawberry Begonia Plant

Aphids and spider mites will attack this plant.  Check underneath the foliage for these pests.  Use insecticidal soaps to kill these insects organically.  Learn how to use Insecticidal soaps

Fungus is another problem usually where there is lots of rain or folks who overwater their plants.  Spray with Neem oil to remove fungal diseases from your plants.  The one caveat when using organic products for your plants is that it will take several applications as opposed to non-organic chemicals that normally require one or two applications.

You can learn more about this plant over at

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