Tree Landscaping

Texas Red Oak Information

Fall Colors in the Southwest

Believe it or not, fall is just around the corner. I know it doesn’t seem like it with the high temps and humidity, but it is on the way. One may envision single leaves zig-zagging down in various shades of yellows, oranges, reds, and all other hues in between. Of course, we may be thinking […]

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Types of Pecan Trees

Types of pecan trees

Types of pecan trees in the Southwest. These tips are for a backyard or small pecan orchard landscaping. Western Schley – This pecan tree will do best in the arid desert southwest. And is the most common pecan tree in the Southwest U.S.  It is a self-pollinator and produces heavy fruit at an early age. […]

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Fall Landscape Color

  Fall Landscape Color.  Get some landscape inspiration with these fall color trees and shrubs.  These photos were taken in and around the southwest.  Autumn is a great time to drive around the southwest countryside and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can visit this website and see some of the greatest outdoor New Mexico scenery that is […]

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Desert Willow Tree

Desert Willow Tree (Chilopsis linearis) is a low watering spring blooming tree. It does well in the southwest.  The leaf is long narrow and curved thus its botanical name Linearis. The one pictured below is the most common.  There are several varieties that you can use for your desert landscaping needs.  True native Desert willow trees […]

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Magnolia tree las cruces

Evergreen Magnolia Trees

Evergreen Magnolia Trees (Magnoliaceae). Many folks think the Magnolia tree will not do well in the Southwest but actually, they do.  Many think they need lots of water and humidity and this is partially true.  In the Southwest, it is usually hot and dry and humidity levels are low except during the monsoon season. How […]

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Ginko Bilboa Tree information

Ginkgo Biloba tree information

Ginkgo biloba tree information.  Also called the Maidenhair Tree.  A great tree for ornamental or shade purposes. It is known for its unique fan-shaped leaf and brilliant golden fall color. Be sure to purchase the male strain of this tree. What does it look like Proportional branching creates a remarkable upright landscape accent, eventually becoming […]

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Pruning tips and tools

Pruning tips and tools.  The best time to prune trees and shrubs is January through March.  However, removing dead branches can be removed at any time of the year. Pruning unsightly trees will create a good-looking landscaping area and will increase the lifespan of any tree or plant. And if done correctly will increase the productivity […]

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Redbud trees

The Redbud Trees

The Redbud Trees are small to medium-sized deciduous (leaves will drop winter) trees that bloom in early spring.  The majority of them grow about 15-30 ft. tall which makes them a great candidate for a small backyard or patio.  They produce small finger-like deep dark lavender blooms that will eventually turn into a heart-shaped leaf. […]

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Early Blooming Trees and Plants

Early Blooming Trees and Plants Flowering Pear trees bloom in early spring Pyrus Calleryana ‘Bradford’ or Bradford Pear. The Aristocrat pear is very similar. Both have gorgeous white blooms that last about 2-4 weeks.  The Tree will grow to about 40-50 ft. tall and wide.  Nice thick dark green foliage spring through summer seasons. The foliage […]

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Fruit Fig Trees

Fruit Fig Trees for your backyard landscape. Did you know fruiting figs in the right conditions can grow up to 200 years?   The fig fruit will typically ripen from August to about late October depending on the cultivar and climate. Most trees come in 5 Ga. containers. They are deciduous and do give out […]

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