Turks cap plant

Turk’s Cap Plant

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Turk’s Cap Plant (Malvaviscus arboreus) also called the wax plant, Texas mallow, and red mallow.

This is one shrub that grows really fast and grows about 6-7 ft. tall and about 4-5 ft wide.  It is a hardy shrub that can tolerate the hot southwest sun or the cold 20-18° degree cold weather.

If you are looking for easy no fuss or plant for that big space this is the one! It is a hardy perennial that tolerates poor soil and drought conditions but can also take in lots of water.

The blooms are a dark red-orange color and will bloom from mid-summer until the first winter frost.  It is deciduous.  Hummingbirds and butterflies love the nectar from its colorful flower.

The red flowers are twisted into a tube with red stamens resembling a “Turks Cap” thus its name.

Turk's Cap Plant

Turk’s cap plant is easy to propagate.  Cut off a long stem and put it into rich loamy potting soil water and witing a few weeks it will start to develop new roots and foliage.  It can tolerate almost any soil but it is best to use good rich loamy potting soil when planting into the ground.

Turk's Cap Plant

The Turk’s Cap Flower

A closeup of the Turk’s Cap Plant flower.  A Showy bright red flower that seems to never open up and looks like a Turkish cap.  It does very well in the desert southwest and can be planted in a formal or desert landscape scene.

Turk's Cap Plant

Where to place this plant?

It can be placed in full sun or partial shade.  It will do well underneath a large tree where the filtered light shines through however, it will not bloom as profusely as it does in full sun.

Problems with this plant.

It is not susceptible to insects and or diseases.  However, I have seen mealybugs attack this plant but this insect is easy to remove with a good spraying of Neem oil.

There is some maintenance involved during the winter season.  The stems will be bare and not attractive it’s best to cut down all the way to the ground and place stems in the trash bin.  The plant will generate new growth and will reach 6ft. in height by the mid-summer season.

Learn more about Turk’s Cap Plant over at the Lady Bird Wildflower website.



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    • Andrea V Kavanagh
    • October 30, 2018

    Do you carry Turk’s Cap at your nursery?

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      Yes, we do!

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