Redbud Trees Southwest Landscaping

Types of Redbud Trees Southwest Landscaping

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Types of Redbud Trees Southwest Landscaping.  Redbud trees are excellent trees for small to medium-sized backyards.  They are considered patio trees, but you can plant them where you want or need smaller trees for almost any reason.

All Redbud trees produce small finger-like blooms in early spring eventually puffing out into a bright showy pink flower.

Types of Redbud Trees Southwest

Redbud trees are great smaller patio-type trees perfect for landscaping around smaller areas.


Texas Redbud


The size of the Texas redbud is about 30 ft. 40ft. tall and about 15-20 ft. wide.  It is best to prune and train them to grow straight with a nice, rounded shape at the top of the tree.  They are somewhat slow-growing and will do well throughout the Southwestern states.   It will grow in full sun or partial shade and are somewhat drought tolerant.  However, it is best to provide them with regular watering even after they are fully established. This will help with quicker growth and a nicer appearance.

Redbud Trees Southwest Landscaping

Oklahoma Red Bud

This Redbud tree will grow to about 20 ft. tall and 15 ft. wide making it smaller than the Texas variety. The water requirements are the same and the flower is a bright purple when they first shoot out flowers.  They will slowly turn into a bright pink color then they will start to form heart-shaped foliage usually around mid-to-late spring.

The Redbud tree

Mexican Redbud Tree

(Cercis canadensis Mexicana) A much smaller and more drought-resistant tree than the Texas and Oklahoma redbuds.  It will grow somewhere between 15 and 20 ft. tall and about the same width.  A very showy pink flower in early spring.  The foliage is smaller than the other redbud trees with a rounded glossy green leaf. It loves the full hot sun but can tolerate shady areas but will have a hard time growing in full shade.  It is native to New Mexico, Texas, and Northern Mexico thus its name.

The Eastern Redbud

They like cooler temperatures and grow to about 30 ft. tall sometimes taller within time.  The width is about 35 ft. wide.  Like all Redbud trees, it produces bright rosy, pink flowers in mid-spring.  It can tolerate almost any type of soil, acidic, or alkaline, but for quicker growth and appearance good loamy composted soil is best.  Native to North America, Europe, and Canada.

Types of Redbud Trees Southwest
The leaves of the Eastern Redbud Tree

Problems with These trees.

(Cercis spp.) The most common problem is canker fungus.  The best thing to do is to cut away the infected part.   Borers will also attack these trees and use a good Borer’s control product to kill Borers in your tree.

These Redbud trees are normally available during the spring season.

Types of Redbud Trees Southwest

More Southwest Trees. 

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