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Water Fountain Care

Water fountain care.  Fountains and most statuaries are made of “concrete”. Concrete has a tendency to expand and contract with climate temperature changes. It is important to keep your eye on the weather.

Water fountain Care

Water fountain care winter

If temps will get below 32 degrees Fahrenheit you should drain your fountain. It is important not to let water collect and freeze in the fountain bowl, planters, birdbaths, and statuary.

Cleaning your water fountain before winter sets in is a good idea. Even if you do not experience below-freezing temps. You can use its own pump to pump out the water. Call an experienced electrician if you are not sure how to do this.

Concrete Water Fountains

You should always protect any concrete-type fountain, statuary, birdbath, or statuary that has water from freezing conditions. If you cannot store your fountain, birdbath, or planter inside you should do the following:

Remove the pump from the water fountain and store it inside. Fill bowls or planters with burlap bags, blankets, or any type of material that will protect them from freezing temperatures.

Use a good fountain cover and cover the entire fountain or statuary.  Especially if you live in conditions that get below 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Do NOT leave any surface exposed. Use a good Fountain Cover and follow the water fountain care instructions during the winter season. Doing so will protect any cast stone products for years of beauty and enjoyment.

You can use about 1tlbs of Clorox to about 5 gallons of water to help minimize algae. It really works but be sure to keep pets and children away from treated water.


Keep all debris out of water fountains. If possible you should replace your water at least once per month when the fountain is in full use.  Clear your pump of any debris that may accumulate around it. All pumps will have a screen around them make sure you clean it thoroughly once or twice per month.

You can use about a capful of bleach in the water to keep algae from forming. You can also use a product called “Consan fungicide/algaecide” Water treatment.  Ask for it at your local nursery. A good way to keep your fountain clean is to use soft or distilled water on all your circulating fountains this will prevent mineral build-up. Your fountains and pump will work and look a lot better.

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