Wave petunias for color

Wave Petunias for Color: plants for summer color

Wave Petunias for Color.  One of the best types of petunias that will thrive and bloom from mid-spring until late fall in the desert Southwest are the wave Petunias.

What makes these Petunias so special?

Well, for one they will spread quickly and bloom throughout the summer months.  You can plant them in the ground but they are best suited in a large container or in a hanging basket.

Water often during the hot summer months preferably every day.   But make sure your pots drain well.  Fertilize with a good 20-20-20 balanced fertilizer about once per month starting in mid-spring and ending in fall.  If you have them in a hanging basket it is important to water alot…yes, every day.

You do not have to dead-head wave petunias just water fertilize and keep your eye on insects.  Especially leafhoppers.  These plants generate flowers all summer long.

The colors of the Wave Petunias

They come in a variety of colors from deep dark purple to the bright white flowers.  Best to plant them in mass the more the better.

Wave petunias for color
Beautiful wave petunias in a large pot.

Wave Petunias for Color


wave petunias for color
A nice hanging basket with wave petunias. Water every day for the best results. Image by mschiffm from Pixabay

The one big problem with wave petunias or any type of petunias is that they are considered annuals.  They will not come back the following season.  However, there are some folks who manage to keep them alive throughout the winter seasons.

It’s basically covering them up with mulch or with a thermal plant blanket.  I know this works because I’ve done it myself.


Where to place petunias

Plant them in full sun during the spring and fall months.  A little shade during mid-summer will help them bloom longer.  The best time to plant these colorful plants is after the last frost, typically in Mid-March or so.   They will look and add color to any type of container.  Let them overflow for a great effect.

Petunias for containers
Petunias in a wine barrel.

Problems with these plants

Sometimes aphids, snails and slugs will munch on foliage or flowers of this plant.  Spray with neem oil or insecticidal soap to keep aphids away.  You can also place a pan with a low lip filled with beer.  Snails and slugs love beer they will fall into the pan and drown.  Find out more about insects, snail, and diseases on this page. Insects and Diseases in plants. 

A little bit more about wave and cascading petunias here.

Most gardening nursery stores will have these plants in stock from mid-spring until early fall.  Ask for “Wave Petunias”.

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