Weeping Willow Landscape

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The Weeping Willow Landscape tree – (Salix babylonica) A great tree for the Southwest.  Nice long flowing branches that weep towards the ground, however, it will grow about 50 ft. tall and 40 ft. wide.  It is one of the quickest growing trees in the Southwest area and it does like lots of water…it is NOT a drought-tolerant tree.  It loves the full hot sun and can tolerate some shade it is a deciduous tree.

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Weeping willow in front of Southwestern style home.
Weeping Willow Landscape
A great-looking Weeping Willow next to a small lake. Image by Thomas H. from Pixabay

Give it plenty of space to grow and place it where water drains after heavy monsoon rains.  It is a good idea to plant a stand-alone tree in front of a large yard.  It provides lots of shade for those looking for a good shade tree.

Weeping Willow problems

The weeping willow tree is susceptible to borer’s especially the emerald ash borer.   Borers will bore a hole into the tree, usually followed by a clear Sap. Purchase borer control from your local nursery. Its softwood makes it easy for most borers to penetrate its limbs and trunk.

How Fast will a Weeping Willow grow?

Pretty fast.  It can double in size in one year providing you water and fertilize it regularly, however, it will constantly drop old limbs and branches due to its quick growth.  So, there is lots of maintenance involved during the growing season.

When to Prune a Willow Tree?

As mentioned before these trees grow fast and It’s best to prune in late winter or early summer for new vigorous growth.  Trimming or pruning willow trees is a big job especially when they reach 50 ft. tall and wide.  It is wise to hire a good tree trimming expert to help you do the job.  Smaller younger trees are easier to do for the do it yourself, homeowner.

It’s best to prune dead or dying limbs.  Limbs or branches that are close to power lines should be trimmed by a professional tree trimmer.  Your local electrical power company may prune your trees at no cost if they are truly interfering with your power lines. Here are more tree pruning tips. 

Weeping Willow Landscape

Weeping Willow Tree Problems

The biggest problem with weeping willows is willow borers.  Why? Because the wood is a soft tissue making it susceptible to willow borers.  The willow borer is identified scientifically as Cryptorhynchus lapathi.  Learn more about these borers at HomeGuidesSFgate.com

Learn more about Southwest trees.


Desert Willow Tree

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