What are Annual Plants

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annual-pansies-colorfulWhat are Annual plants? These are plants that complete its life cycle in one year.  In the retail gardening industry, these plants are intended for mass plantings and sold at their peak seasonal time.

For instance, pansies are sold in early November, and we stop selling them in March.

Of course, it could be a longer or shorter time depending on your garden region zone.

Annuals for the Southwest

In early spring there are a plethora of annuals that are used for mass plantings. Here is a small list of what you could use.  Some are considered perennials but again it depends on your regional area.  Some of these annuals could be perennials depending on winter weather conditions.  A mild winter and good care could make many of these plants become perennial for two or more seasons.

We will add photos and links to more annuals as time goes by.  Be sure to bookmark this page.  Use Ctrl-D to bookmark.

List of Annual Plants for Desert Areas of the U.S.

Agastache – Long spiky stems with a multitude of color options.
Snapdragons – Tall, dwarf and multi-colored.
Begonia semperflorens – Numerous varieties and colors.
Bidens – Small viny plant with yellow flowers
Ornamental Cabbage – Not for eating but for color in cooler weather.
Sapphire Flower Browallia speciosa – Shade-loving plant.
Calendula officinalis – Bright yellow or orange flowers.
Madagascar Periwinkle – Bright short colorful plants.
Celosia  Amaranthaceae family.  Numerous varieties and color
Bachelor’s Button Centaurea cyanus – Usually in Blue and red.
Coleus – Grown for foliage color
Coreopsis – Bright yellow flowers – Lots of hybrid varieties
Cosmos Long spiky colored flowers from light pink to dark purple
Umbrella Plant – Perennial in warmer climates
Chrysanthemum – Mums Perennial in warmer climates
Dianthus – Perennial in warmer climates
Eustoma grandiflorum – Lisianthus
Gaillardia – Blanket Flower
Gypsophila elegans – also called Baby’s Breath
Impatiens – New Guinea Impatiens
Impatiens balsamina – Garden Balsam
Impatiens wallerana Bright Eye Impatiens
Blackie Sweet Potato – Ipomoea
Margarita Sweet Potato – Ipomoea
Tricolor Sweet Potato – Ipomoea
Lobeia –  erinus Bright blue in color
Pansies – Melanium numerous colors and species
Petunias – Over 35 species of Petunias

What are annual plants?

The majority of these plants are considered annuals in the lower elevation of the Southwest.  Annual plants are sold in most garden nurseries throughout the Southwest.

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