Winter garden colorful plants

Winter garden colorful plants

Winter Gardening Plants for the Southwest

Who says you can’t have great color during the winter? Winter garden colorful plants. Here are some plants that will thrive throughout the winter seasons.

Winter garden colorful plants
Pansies in Winter

Pansies – Viola tricolor hortensis – Will take temperatures down to the mid-teens.  They will somewhat wilt when it gets that cold but will spring back to life once the southwestern sun starts shining on them.  Pansies are annuals.

Let plants dry completely before watering again.  Plant them in containers or in the ground in mass. They will look spectacular when everyone else’s landscape looks bland during the winter season.

Winter garden colorful plants

Colorful Plants for winter
Pansy Color Bowl

Kale – (Brassica oleracea) Colorful Kale is a leafy vegetable but this variety is used for ornamental purposes.  The leaves are ruffled with bright purple color mixed with a little blue and variations of grey.

It thrives in cold weather and retains its color throughout the cold winter seasons.  Put them in containers add some smaller plants in the foreground for a great mixture of plants in a winter color bowl.

Water about 2-3 times per week during the winter season.  They will wilt and look dried out once the hot temperatures start to arrive.  Annual.

Winter garden colorful plants
Dianthus – Photo

Colorful Plants for a winter garden

Dianthus (Caryophyllaceae family) There are over 300 types of Dianthus plants.  All are colorful and will take light frosts.  They are great in containers or plant them in the ground.

Winter garden colorful plants

Pyracantha – A great looking upright plant but it is slow growing. The Firethorn red berry Pyracantha shown to the left has clusters of berries late in the season and holds them through winter.

Makes an excellent hedge, screen, windbreak or barrier planting. Small white flowers in springtime, they do have thorny limbs and branches.

It’s is not really a vine…more of a stand-alone plant. Evergreen throughout the cold winter season in the southwest.  Once the plant is established, needs only occasional watering. Grows to about 10 ft. tall and 8 ft. wide. Great plant for winter gardening.

Winter garden colorful plants
Nandina in a pot

Nandina or heavenly bamboo – (Domestica) A great looking evergreen shrub with brilliant red foliage and berries in fall and winter. A very hardy plant that can be used for winter color.

Use it as a border or as a hedge. Plant them in mass for a spectacular effect for a winter landscape.  Green foliage during the summer season turns a brilliant red in late fall.

Plant them in a decorative container and use as an entrance border landscape.  Many species to choose from Gulf stream, Firepower, and Harbour Nandinas.

Winter garden colorful plants
Carolina Jessamine

Carolina Jessamine (Gelsemium sempervirens) – A wonderful vine that blooms in winter.

A Nice trumpet-shaped yellow flower that is almost an evergreen even in the higher elevations of the southwest.  Use it on a fence or trellis for a long lasting fence border.

Colorful Plants for a winter garden

Vegetable plants that grow in cool weather.

Winter Gardening Plants

You can still start these with seeds and or seedling plants.  It’s best to start them in late fall or early spring.

Leaf Lettuce
Swiss Chard

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