Spanish Broom Plant

The Spanish Broom Plant (Spartium junceum) is a great semi-evergreen flowering shrub.  It can grow up to 8-10 ft. tall and about 5-7 ft. wide.  This native plant tolerates poor sandy soils perfect for the desert southwest.  A drought tolerant plant that can be used in a rock garden landscape with smaller perennial or annual plants in the foreground.  USDA Hardiness Zone: 7 – 10

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Spanish Broom Plant

The Spanish Broom Plant

During the spring season, it will bloom fragrant yellow flowers.  It will produce seed pods in early summer. This plant will do well in Xeriscape landscaping yards or businesses that need low water, maintenance-free shrubs.


Spanish Broom Plant

A Spanish broom tightly trimmed at the bottom.  Intense fragrant flowers at top of the plant.

Spanish Broom


Problems with this Plant.

Webworms will attack this plant.  Also commonly called “fall webworms”.  They feed on the foliage of many types of trees and shrubs.  They make large silk webs on the ends of stems or branches.  Spraying with a product called “Thuricide will kill them”. Thuricide is a liquid form of bacteria, Bacillus Thuringiensis or more commonly known as “BT”.

Go organic and pick them out by using tweezers or place a water bowl nearby for birds.  Most birds will eat caterpillars and webworms.

Growth Rate

Moderate growing plant.  Will reach 6 ft. in about 4-5 years.  Prune in late winter to enhance new growth and flowers in early to mid-spring.

Another great yellow flower plant is the “Yellow Bells Plant”.

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