The Mexican Heather Plant

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The Mexican Heather Plant – Cuphea hyssopifolia.  Also called false heather.  A small plant that will bloom in mid-summer until fall.  A very hardy plant that produces small but profuse flowers even in the Southwest heat.  Mexican Heather plant will go dormant when temperatures dip below 32° degrees Fahrenheit.  But will bound back after the last frost in your area.

Where to plant it?

Place in a nice container or plant them in the front of other taller evergreen shrubs.  Plant several in a row along sidewalks or pathways for a great effect.   They are perfect in rock gardens or xeriscape landscape.

They love being planted in morning sun and afternoon shade.  Underneath a large tree with filtered light will work great.  Place them in hanging baskets as they will have that overflowing look.  Nice dark waxy green color foliage.

How big will they get?

Mexican heather will grow to a nice mounding plant about 2-3 ft. wide and tall perfect for that small space in your garden with nothing there. They are considered a perennial in warmer regions but will go dormant during the winter seasons in other colder areas.

It can take full sun and partial shade.  They will do great underneath a large shade tree providing there is filtered light coming through.  Provide it with lots of water the first 2-3 years after initial planting.  Then cut back to every other day during the summer months.

The Mexican Heather plant is native to Mexico.

Grasses for the Southwest. 

Sunset growing zones 16-24

The Mexican Heather Plant

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