The Mexican Hat Plant

The Mexican Hat Plant

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The Mexican Hat Plant (Ratibida columnifera).  Sometimes called the prairie coneflower.  An easy to care for plant that does well throughout the southwest and the mid-west plains.  The flower is a deep red and yellow color resembling a “Mexican Hat” or Sombrero.  It is considered a herbaceous perennial.

Where to place the Mexican Hat Plant?

Plant it in a xeriscape garden or along fences or in open spaces.  Underneath a tree that gives out filtered light is the perfect place.  It will do better in morning sun and afternoon shade during the hot Southwest sunlight.  The plant will go dormant during the winter seasons.  Water the area in early spring for a great burst of flowers from mid-spring all the way to late summer.

Size and height

It will grow to about 2 ft. tall and wide sometimes larger if planted in afternoon shade.  The plant will grow almost anywhere there is good well-drained soil.

Growth Rate – A fast-growing plant that can easily be grown with other flowering plants in the garden.  The flowers attract butterflies and hummingbirds and are a deer resistant plant.

How much water does it need?  A moderate watering plant but considered a drought-tolerant plant however it will bloom and flourish throughout the hot summer months if watered every other day.

USDA Hardiness zone 4-11

Check Your Hardiness Zone. 

The Yellow Mexican Wildflower Hat plant pictured below.

The Red Spike Mexican Hat, shown below.


The Mexican Hat plant
The red spike Mexican Hat Plant. Photo courtesy of
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