Buy Lantana Plants

Buy Lantana Plants

Buy Lantana Plants at your local nursery. If you are looking for plants that have color late spring, summer and into fall you might want to consider Lantana plants.  There are numerous varieties and colors. The ones listed below are the most common.

  1. Dallas Red
  2. Yellow Gold
  3. Spreading Yellow Gold
  4. Purple Trailing Lantana
  5. Irene Camara Lantana
  6. Miss Huff Lantana

Lantanas love the hot sun even reflected the sun from walls or concrete. They do like well-drained soil and thrive in beds or containers.  Butterflies and hummingbirds are attracted by their rich dark colors.

Buy Lantanas
Radiation Camara Lantanas in front of Southwest Style Home.


Lantana plants can get large sometimes as tall as 5 ft. tall and wide. No pruning or deadheading is required, old blooms will expire followed by new ones week after week. Some contact with foliage may irritate persons that have sensitive skin. Or leave alone as they will fall off and continue blooming throughout the hot season.

Most nurseries stores will carry these plants throughout the hot summer months.  The Lantana is also commonly called a Shrub Verbena. All Lantanas’ are tough, resilient plants that thrive in hot weather and bloom profusely from spring until frost.  Ask for them at your local retail nursery.

The Spreading Gold Lantana

Lantana Plants
Lantana plants over hanging a wall

The “Dallas Red Lantana” pictured below is a good plant choice for flowering color all summer long.  In the southwest, they will last until late October and sometimes into early November.

Buy Lantana Plants

Buy Lantana Plants at Guzman’s Greenhouse

They are considered a perennial in the lower elevations of the southwest. There are numerous varieties of red, gold, purple, orange, and even multi-colored. These plants do extremely well with a good drip system. Use these in rock gardens or Xeriscape landscapes. They will become drought tolerant once they are well established.  Usually around the third year. Pictured below is the New Gold Lantana.

buy lantana plants

These plants are easy and maintenance-free.  Once established they are drought-tolerant. The rich orange, Dallas red and other bright-colored plants are perfect for summer color. Pictured below is the “Lantana Camara Radiation” Lantana.

If you live in regions where there is freezing temperatures during winter it is best to cut down once the plant goes dormant typically around late October.  Cover with burlap, mulch or rocks to help keep the root system warm during those cold freezing winter temperatures.  Lantanas will spring out when temperatures get consistently above 50 degrees f° at night time.

The Hardy Miss Huff Lantana.  4ft wide and tall provides great color during the summer.  Pink, red, and light yellow blooms.

Buy Lantana Plants
Decorative Miss Huff Lantana


The purple training lantana below. It will grow at about 1 ft. fall and 6 ft. wide. Plant about 3-4 and space them about 4 ft. apart for a great ground cover.

Lantana plants
Purple spreading Plants


Problems with lantana

Spider mites may attack this plant.  It’s rare but it happens.  Water with a hose from the top down to remove mites.  Over-watering can cause root rot.  Make sure your lantana plant does drain well.

In colder regions cut back during the late winter season.  Cover the root system with mulch to help protect the root system.  They will start to grow at the end of the spring seasons.

Lantana Plants where to place them

Place them in the full sun some shade is ok, but they will do better in the full hot sun.  You can place them in the hot corner where nothing else seems to grow.  Put them in a decorative container in front of your home for some great color all late spring, summer and into late fall. Fertilize occasionally with a good all-purpose fertilizer a 20-20-20 analysis will work!  They do not mind the reflective heat from the wall and or rock landscape.

Buy Lantana plants for full sun exposure

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