plants that repel mosquitoes

List of plants that repel mosquitoes

List of plants that repel mosquitoes. During the monsoon season in the Southwest, mosquitoes are a BIG problem.  They appear almost everywhere at social gatherings, work, home and inside buildings.

Do these plants really repel mosquitoes?  Some people swear by these plants others say it has no effect.  I have not done a scientific study that will unequivocally prove they can, but I can only speak from my own experiences.

During the growing season, I work with these plants on a daily basis and they do repel mosquitoes and other insects. The real question is how close does someone have to be in order for these plants to work? The answer? Pretty darn close.

Adding all these plants in a big container and placing them on your patio, backyard or front porch and expect to never see a mosquito is unrealistic at best.  The plants listed here can also be used as ornamental, culinary, and greenery for your indoor/outdoor arrangement.

Using spray mosquito repellents do work well especially those that contain “DEET” as it works and according to an article at Popular Science it’s safe to use even on pets.  There are rare cases where it has harmed people.  But, these are folks who ingested large quantities of DEET. Read the article here.

Plants that mosquitoes do not like

Basil – Not only is this plant a herb for cooking all kinds of special dishes it can also help repel mosquitoes.

Catnip – It attracts cats but not mosquitoes. As a herb, It can also help with sleepless nights and anxiety problems.

Lemon Balm – Is used for cooking and the extract is used for many types of remedies.  Anxiety, sleep disorders, and even pain.

Garlic – Yes, garlic is a good pungent repelling smell for mosquitoes and other insects. I would not spray or rub it on your skin as it might repel more than just mosquitoes!

Rosemary – All types of Rosemary will help keep mosquitoes away.  It is also used for cooking many types of food, especially chicken.

Peppermint (Yerba Buena) – Mosquitoes do not like the smell of peppermint.  Even better if you have peppermint oil.

Lavender – All types of lavender plants help repel these little flying insects.  They also produce a nice little purple bloom during the spring and early summer seasons.

Photos of mosquito repelling plants.

List of plants that repel mosquitoesLemon Grass –  A grass that will help keep mosquitoes away from your area!

List of plants that repel mosquitoes

Lavender Plants – Mosquitoes do not like the fragrance of Lavender.

List of plants that repel mosquitoes

Marigolds – A very pungent smelling plant…at least for mosquitoes they are.

List of plants that repel mosquitoes

Citronella Plants – Are in the geranium family.  Mosquitoes hate the smell of most geranium plants especially the Citronella Geranium plants.

List of plants that repel mosquitoes

Rosemary is a good culinary herb and it helps keep mosquitoes at bay.  Use them in containers and place nearby an entrance for easy access when cooking.

List of plants that repel mosquitoes
The Peppermint plant will help repel mosquitoes.

Grasses for the Southwest.


Use mosquito dunks to prevent mosquito larvae from hatching. Place them in ponds, barrels, or where water collects. Use DEET to keep mosquitoes off your body.  Note; DEET does not kill mosquitoes and is not DDT!

Organic Mosquito Repellent


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