Coleus plants in the Garden

Coleus Plants in Garden

Coleus Plants in Garden.  Coleus (Solenostemon spp.) is grown mainly for foliage color.  They provide great filler for pots during the growing season.  They come in numerous colors and are easy to propagate just snip off a leaf put it in good potting soil water and it will take.  These plants are tropical and their native habitat is Malaysia.

These plants will thrive in the southwest but will die back if you leave them out during freezing temperatures.  It is best to use them in containers so you can move them to shady conditions when the mid-summer southwest heat comes around.

Coleus will do great in a nice attractive container.  Place them in full sun or partial shade as they will retain their color throughout the spring, summer and fall seasons.  They are a great compliment plant for a courtyard or patio.

Pests and Diseases

They are somewhat insect and disease resistant but will get rot root on occasion if you do not have good drainage. More so if they are in a container. Whiteflies and mealybugs will attack this plant.  It’s best to look underneath foliage and closer to the stems as this is where these insects hide.  A good systemic insecticide at first sight of these pests will usually kill them.

If your plant is heavily infested with insects the best course is to remove, place in a plastic bag and throw away.  Replace it with a new one.  Oh, don’t forget to remove soil as it may have insect larvae.

Types of Coleus Plants

Here are some great looking Coleus plants that most local nurseries will have during the growing season.  If they don’t… ask them to order some.

Coleus Plants in Garden
Dark Purple Coleus plant with lime green potato vine at the bottom.

Coleus Plants in the Garden

Coleus Plants in Garden
Coleus plants with geraniums in the background.

Trusty Rusty Red Coleus

Coleus in Garden
Coleus Plant Photo courtesy of
Coleus Plants in Garden
Chocolate Covered Cherry :: Credit: Ball Horticultural
Coleus in the Garden
Credit: Hort Printers – Burgundy Wedding Coleus


Coleus Plants in Garden
Kong Coleus in a Decorative Pot


Coleus Plants in Garden

More colorful plants for the Southwest.

Majority of our plants come from

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