Hollywood Juniper Tree

Hollywood Juniper Tree

Hollywood Juniper Tree (uniperus chinensis ‘Torulosa’).  Is a fast-growing Juniper up to 15-20 ft. in height and about 10-15 ft. wide.  A very hardy evergreen tree that will add interest to your landscape.  Plant 3-4 in a row for an interesting border wall.  The stems will twist and turn in all directions.

Where to place this conifer?

Place it in full sun or partial shade.  It needs at least 6 hrs. of full sun for growth and development.   Do not place to close to rock walls or building walls.   The side that is facing the wall will turn a brown color and become susceptible to spider mites.

Dark green foliage that can give a nice contrasting color to white, peach, or light brown colored stucco walls.  It is a very hardy, easy care tree for the southwest.  There is very little maintenance or pruning involved unless you want to make it into a topiary (read below).

Once established it will become drought tolerant typically about 3-4 years after initial planting.

Hollywood Juniper Tree
Hollywood Juniper Tree – Photo Courtesy Hort Printers – Monrovia.com

The Juniper as a Topiary

This Juniper is a good candidate for topiary landscapes.  Place it in a decorative container and prune the long stems from the inside toward the tip of the stem.  Do not trim off the tip of the stems.  Trim slowly…take your time after each cut.  You can sometimes purchase these plants in topiary form.

Hollywood Juniper Tree

Problems with the Hollywood Juniper

Like all conifers, they are susceptible to spider mites, especially in hot arid dry conditions.  We recommend watering from the top down every month or so to keep these insects at bay.  Learn about spider mites at our diseases and insects on plants page here.  Insects on Plants.

Fertilize once in spring, summer, and fall for a really dark green color and overall growth.

Hollywood Juniper Tree
Spider Mite Webbing on a Cypress tree
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