Ginko Bilboa Tree information

Ginkgo Biloba tree information

Ginkgo biloba tree information.  Also called the Maidenhair Tree.  A great tree for ornamental or shade purposes. It is known for its unique fan-shaped leaf and brilliant golden fall color. Be sure to purchase the male strain of this tree.

Ginkgo Biloba tree information
Ginkgo Biloba Leaf – What the foliage should look like during spring and early summer.

What does it look like

Proportional branching creates a remarkable upright landscape accent, eventually becoming a large good looking shade tree as the years go by.  It is a deciduous tree but bounces back during the early spring season.

How much water does it need?

The Ginkgo biloba needs lots of water especially during the first 3-4 years after initial planting.  It is a slow-growing tree so be sure you take that into consideration before purchasing or planting this tree.

It will eventually reach a height of about 80ft. sometimes taller if the conditions are right and will spread about 30-40 ft.  Fall colors are brilliant yellow and will last until midwinter.


The fall color of the Ginkgo biloba also known as maidenhair tree with autumn leaves in a park.

Ginkgo biloba tree information

Ginkgo Bilboa Tree - A good tree for the Southwest
Ginkgo Biloba tree during summer

Is it susceptible to insects and diseases?

The Ginko Biloba tree is resistant to diseases and insects.  However, one disease that might infect or kill the tree is “Honey Fungus” (Armillaria mellea) also called Armillaria root rot.

This disease is rare in the southwest or hot dry arid regions but it does occur when there is too much water/rain around the area.  It’s actually a mushroom that appears on the trunk of the tree.

Symptoms include no leaves in spring, and die-back during the growing season.  Clusters of honey looking mushrooms that appear on the bark and will eventually spread into the root system.

Remove mushroom asap and clean tools with alcohol to prevent infecting other trees with the same tools. Spraying with a good fungicide will prevent the disease from spreading.

The best place to learn more about this disease on the Ginko Biloba tree is right here.  Treating Ginkgo Biloba Diseases.


USDA Hardiness Zone: 4 – 9.

Check your USDA/Sunset hardiness zone.

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