Hibiscus Plant varieties

Hibiscus plant species

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Hibiscus plant species. The hardy Hibiscus plants love the hot southwestern sun.  They also like humidity and moist soil.  It is not a drought tolerant plant but with a good drip system, it will thrive and produce dinner plate size flowers from late spring until late fall.

Hibiscus plants are perennials

Yes, they will come back year after year.  They are very easy to grow and come in a wide range of colors from deep dark red to light lavender color.  Deciduous plants that take time before they start to grow back from the winter season.

Where can they grow best

Plant them in full hot sun a little shade in the morning or afternoon hours is fine.  You can plant them in the rear and in front of other shorter annuals or perennials.  The blooms will last about one day but it will have a lot of new buds that will continuously bloom day after day…until late fall when they will go dormant.  Cut back during the early winter season and they will spring out in late spring.

Hibiscus plant species
Hibiscus plants at Guzman’s Greenhouse and Color Your World

Grows in USDA zones 4-10

Hibiscus plant species

The Stardust Hibiscus – Large pink blooms that have a small red eye, exotic darker venation, and pale pink stamens with yellow anthers. Upright and showy flower, with a rounded form green, purple-tinged foliage that provides an attractive backdrop to the showy blooms. A great plant to use in sunny beds and around borders in most garden landscapes.

Hibiscus plant species
Beautiful Pink Hibiscus at Guzman’s Greenhouse


The Dave Fleming Hardy Hibiscus

Very large, hot ruby-red flowers with contrasting yellow stamens add a tropical flair to your garden landscape.  These will bloom all summer long! Maroon-Tinted foliage on upright stems, the rounded form provides an attractive backdrop to the showy blooms. A great flower for almost any type of landscape.

Hibiscus plant species
Red Hibiscus flower – Dave Fleming Hibiscus

Kopper King Hardy Hibiscus

A unique copper-red, looking, maple-like leaves that provide a striking backdrop to the big, hollyhock-like light pink flowers with red veins. This hibiscus has a compact, rounded form, and blooms over a long summer and fall season. A good perennial for a Southwest garden landscape.

Strawberry Swirl Fleming Hibiscus

Large flowers that alternate with deep pink and pale pink petals.   They are a perfect addition to sunny perennial beds and shrub borders. The spectacular blooms are enhanced by the lush green foliage on a strong, upright, rounded form.  This is an herbaceous perennial it will die to the ground in winter, re-emerging in mid-spring.

These Hibiscus plant species will all do well in zones 4-10.  Perfect for the Southwest landscape designs.  You can see more photos and descriptions of these plants over at Monrovia.com


Check out this quick video on how to deadhead Hibiscus Plants.


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