January Gardening Tips

January Gardening TipsJanuary Gardening Tips. Well here’s wishing you a Happy New Year! This is still a great month you work in your garden (if it’s not too cold for you). Here’s a list of suggested task for January.

Water once or twice this month, yes even plants that are dormant.

Use dormant oil on plants, and trees that lose their leaves during winter. Instead of raking up all the fallen leaves, try incorporating them back into your soil or start up a compost pile. (compost maker is available)

Prune all dormant plants now, keep in mind the best rule of thumb for pruning is to have a reason for every cut you make! Prune roses now thru early February (stop by for a pruning lesson).

Fertilize your fescue, bluegrass, or ryegrass lawn if it not looking as green as is should. Use 16-8-8 with iron, zinc, and sulfur now.  Do not fertilize Bermuda grasses until late March.

January Gardening Tips

Our roses should be ready to plant by mid-January so hurry for best selection. We carry Weeks Roses. Do not cut back Oleander just yet. It is best to wait until late March.

Plant fruit and shade trees now to help establish roots before our hot dry winds begin.

Don’t forget now is the time to plant pansies, snapdragon, viola, calendula, primrose, and perennials. These items will begin to arrive weekly at your local nurseries.

Need to know what your USDA plant hardiness zone is? Click here to look it up now. The page will open up in a new window.

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