Type of succulent pictures

Types of Succulent Pictures

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Types of Succulent Pictures.  We have a ton of succulent images for those who want to know the names of the most common succulent plants. Succulents are a big family and what we have here are what most people purchase at local nurseries and greenhouse retail stores.

These plants retain water making them water tolerant.  For the most part, they like dry soil and do not like fertilizers or constant care.  Make sure to use cactus soil when repotting your succulents and they should always drain well.

Are Cactus and Ice Plants Succulents?

Cactus (Cactaceae) and ice plant (Delosperma) are also succulents.  All plants that retain water are succulents.  Here are some pictures and names of Cactus plants.

Most folks tend to overwater these wondrous plants.  Succulents are mainly evergreen plants and they thrive indoors and others can thrive in both places.

Echeveria Succulents (SPP)

How to care for the Echeveria succulents. These are large genus families of flowering plants and most will produce a spiky bloom growing out from the middle of the plant. These are native plants to South and Central America.  Here are a few of the species that are sold in nurseries throughout the U.S. Southwest.

Types of Succulent Pictures

Types of Succulent Pictures
Echeveria Iris Emerald


Types of Succulent Pictures
Another Echeveria


Types of Succulent Pictures
Succulent Plant in the Echeveria Genus


Types of Succulent Pictures
Hens and Chicks Succulent plants in a strawberry pot. Image by JamesDeMers from Pixabay


Types of Succulent Pictures
Graptosedum Fred Ives Succulent


Types of Succulent Pictures
Echeveria Succulent


Types of Succulent Pictures
Jade Plant


Types of Succulent Pictures
Kalanchoe Tormentosa


Kalanchoe Tormentosa


Narrow Leaf Echeveria


Types of Succulent Pictures
Cotyledon Tormentosa


Types of Succulent Pictures
The Paddle Succulent Plant in a nice pot.


Succulent Pictures
Red Stem Portulaca
Euphorbia Lactea 'Cristata'
Euphorbia Lactea ‘Cristata’- Likes bright indoor light. If placing it in the outdoors make it has shade. Use a good cactus mix for soil.


Sedums are also succulents, most have bright colored leaves with numerous leaves or stalks.  It is Many are considered ground cover.  It is important to remove old dying stalks at the bottom of the plant.  The species is a big family and many novice gardeners think they are in the agave family. It’s best to keep the soil somewhat dry soil as they love the bright direct sun but can also do well in medium light.

Autumn Joy Sedum


Succulent Pictures
The Jelly Bean Plant – Sedum rubrotinctum

The foliage resembles a jelly-bean or pork-beans.  It is mostly a lime green color but will turn into a nice pinkish color when wintertime comes around. It is considered a Sedum and may cause serious injury if ingested by humans.

Most have bright colored leaves with numerous leaves or stalks.  It is important to remove old dying stalks at the bottom of the plant.  The species is a big family and many novice gardeners think they are in the agave family.

Succulent Images
The Coral Reef Sedum

A perfect sedum plant for filler in large pots with taller succulents or other low plants in the middle or in the background.


Succulent Ideas for indoor decor

Place succulent plants where there is lots of bright sunlight they can tolerate light shade.  You can also use them as an ornamental dinner table plant.  Use them in flowering pots for some long-lasting greenery.  Always use desert soil and cactus mix when repotting succulents.  They don’t mind being crowded into one small pot and use cactus juice for a quick burst of growth.

Succulent Pictures
Succulents in a pot

The Aloe Vera Plant

The Aloe Vera Plant is an excellent succulent plant that you can use indoors plus its added health benefits make it a great choice for indoor decoration. You can also plant it outdoors if your region does not have freezing temperatures or plant them in a decorative pot and bring indoors during the winter seasons.

Succulent Pest Infestations

Succulents are not susceptible to insects and diseases however, on rare occasions mealybugs and spider mites do attack these plants.  If treated before they are completely infested they will continue to thrive.  If the plant is covered with insects it best to place it into a plastic bag and toss it in a trash bin.

There are a number of organic pesticides that you can use that will kill these pests.  Neem oil and insecticidal soaps will work.  Here are a few tips to help keep your succulents pest and disease free.

  • If in a container Isolate the infected plant and keep it away from other plants.
  • Spray several applications until insects are gone. The organic pesticides will usually take numerous applications.  Chemical insecticides will do it in 1 or 2 applications,
  • If possible turn the plant upside down and spray underneath the foliage.
  • Use a systemic insecticide.  You apply this into the soil then water it in.
  • Always wear a mask and gloves when handling any type of pesticides organic or chemicals.

Succulent Pictures

Are Cactus Succulents?

Yes, they are.  You can see the pictures and names of these cactus plants by visiting this page.
Cactus names and pictures.

prickly pear cactus


Types of Succulent Pictures
Cactus Barrell

What about Ice Plants?

Yes, Ice plants are succulents and are drought tolerant making them a perfect choice for Xeriscape or rock gardens.  It is an excellent ground-cover for those looking to cover a large landscaping space. Learn more by visiting this page.  Types of Ice Plants.

Succulent Pictures
Purple Iceplant – Image by Davgood Kirshot from Pixabay


Looking for more information on all types of succulents?  The World of Succulents has a ton of photos, cultivation, propagation, euphorbias and a whole lot more.  Visit them here…The World of Succulents. 



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